Maestro ICO – Decentralized Music Platform

What is Maestro?

Maestro is a decentralized music platform where artists can publish their music. The goal of Maestro is to cut out third parties in the music industry, who often take as much as 40 percent of the revenue generated by the artists. With Maestro, artists can publish their own music and sell it to third parties directly.

Maestro’s aim is nothing short of becoming the new standard for the music industry in terms of a music publishing platform. Maestro wants to make it easier for artists to profit from their own music without having to give away so much money to labels and agencies.

The Token

Token: MAE

Platform: Ethereum

ICO Price: 10,000 MAE = 1 ETH

Available for Sale: 620,000,000

Hard Cap: 62,000 ETH

ICO Date: June 16, 2018 – July 30th, 2018


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How it Works

Maestro offers two decentralized apps, or DApps: Ensemble and Symphony. Ensemble is a crowdfunding center for artists and fans and Symphony is a music streaming services for creators and consumers. It is possible for artists to make money to support their work through both of these DApps.

It is not only artists who benefit from Maestro, however. Because the middlemen are cut out with Maestro, the music is able to be produced and published for lower costs. This means that music will cost less money, which is beneficial to consumers. The end result is that artists get paid more and have more control over their art, and consumers have to pay significantly less for the music that they love.

This is beneficial for artists and music fans all throughout the world. It is not beneficial for third parties involved in music publishing, however. So, if the Maestro model works, then it may be necessary for such third parties to reinvent themselves to keep up with changing times.

Why Maestro?

If you are a music artist, then the answer to this question is very simple; you can make more money from your music. If you are a music fan, it is still simple; you can save money on music. Another key benefit of Maestro for artists is that they can earn funding for new projects in advance through the Ensemble app. This is very helpful for musicians because generating funds for an album without an app like Ensemble can be extremely difficult. This is why many musicians fork over huge percentages of their revenue to music labels.

With Maestro, musicians can get funding for their work without having to sign record deals with labels and miss out on a lot of profits in the process.