Lumi Wallet-Simplex Partnership

Do you find buying cryptocurrencies a daunting task? Or find the current methods of buying the same not as anonymous as you would want them to be, not to mention, insecure. If this is you, then you’re in luck.

You will be glad to know that one of the most anonymous and secure wallets on the market today- Lumi has partnered with simplex to make your experience easy and risk free. That’s right, buying cryptocurrency is now as easy as making an online payment through a credit card.


The Simplex Integration

Currently, the simplex platform only has Bitcoin and Ethereum as the only available cryptocurrencies. But this is just for a little while. The integration of simplex and the Lumi wallet is made to make your experience easy. They even have an inbuilt browser, you don’t need to leave the wallet in order to exchange fiat to crypto. They won’t even need your credit card, this therefore makes your privacy stay protected.

Worry Free Transactions

As the name suggests, simplex is made to make the transactions safe, simple and worry-free. Through the Know Your Customer policy, it also protects you from fraudulent actors. The simplex platform also protects you from fraud. Your money won’t be released until your bitcoin transaction is confirmed.

Simplex has been into the crypto payment space for 5 years now. You can trust that the platform has established itself with industrial standards. Among its clients are large crypto platforms that transact billions in dollars and bitcoin annually.

For Lumi, the adoption of simplex is a technological milestone. The facilitation of credit card payments expand the wallet’s current ecosystem and makes the wallet more trustworthy in the market.