Lula: from the banker to the worker, everyone made money in my government

the former president squid told Mexican TV this Wednesday (28.Jul.2021) that, while he governed the country (2003-2011), everyone had an increase in income – from bankers to workers. “Never in the history of Brazil have entrepreneurs made so much money, landlords made so much money, bankers made money. But workers also made money. The Brazilian economy has grown, we have generated jobs, Brazil has become an international protagonist”, he affirmed. Earlier this Wednesday (July 28), former minister Ciro Gomes (PDT), stated that a possible 3rd term of Lula would be aimed at higher social classes. part of the interview to Canal Once, to criticize President Jair Bolsonaro – his main political opponent – ​​who, according to him, was “irresponsible” in fighting the pandemic and delayed the purchase of vaccines in Brazil. “We have a genocide in the government. A citizen who doesn’t like workers, who doesn’t like blacks, who don’t like women, who don’t like Indians, who don’t like the poor, who don’t believe in the vaccine, who don’t believe in the coronavirus. In other words, she is a citizen who despises what all human beings cherish”. Lula also greeted the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador –from the left–, praising his work in the position.Watch (42min8s):


The former president, who said he was “widely in favor of alternating power,” criticized US President Joe Biden for not repealing Donald Trump’s rules against Cuba. “The Cuban people have the right to take to the streets , they have the right to ask for freedom, the Cuban people have the right to ask for more food in fear, to ask for more energy. […] What I can’t understand is why President Biden, after the UN decision to lift the embargoes on Cuba, didn’t go on television yesterday and calmly announce that he would revoke all of President Trump’s acts against Cuba? Why didn’t he go?” According to Lula, without directly quoting the Latin American country, “there is no way for you to build a just form of governance if it is not democratic.” “I, like you, have a deep respect for Cuba . I love the Cuban people. I am an ardent fan of the Cuban revolution. I think it was an extraordinary milestone for our continent. And, unfortunately, when we criticize the Cuban regime, we have to remember one thing: the United States did not even have the delicacy of trying to talk to the Cubans to try to align itself with the Soviet Union right after the revolution. What’s important is that we have to understand 60 years of blocking. There is a lot of accumulated hatred between Cubans in Miami and Cubans in Cuba,” he said.


Lula also defended the creation of an economic bloc with Latin American countries to “face” other groups. According to the PT member, the entire continent “is highly subordinated to the economic power of the North Americans.” “It is necessary for us to have a bloc to face up to the other blocs. […] We have to face the United States and Canada. We have to face China, we have to face the Asian world, Russia. We have to be aware that acting separately and negotiating separately, we are weaker”, he affirmed. According to the former president, the objective is not to create enmity with the United States, but rather “alternatives” for the economic strengthening of the countries in the region .“We need to look at the world not just for the United States, not just for Europe. We have to look at the world for ourselves”, he adds. continue reading