Lolli’s Loyalty Program Is Allowing Shoppers To Earn Free Bitcoin & More

Lolli’s Loyalty Program Is Allowing Shoppers To Earn Free Bitcoin

This Bitcoin-based loyalty program is offering shoppers a new experience by rewarding them up to 30% cashback scheme in Bitcoin. Lolli’s Loyalty program is believed to be a factor that will help in increasing this leading digital currency’s adoption as well as greatly help online merchants to increase their customer retention rates.

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Robinhood Enters The UK Market Following FCA Approval

In a press release, trading platform Robinhood Investments announced the new development which will mark a crypto milestone for UK’s crypto market. This is because the platform will allow UK-based crypto enthusiasts to invest in crypto more conveniently. The go-ahead was given following a policy statement issued by FCAS last month that specified that the UK financial watchdog’s focus isn’t on regulating Bitcoin.

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Shorting On Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know

A lot of people choose to invest in an asset when they have faith that it will increase in value. All you have to do is buy it and then wait for the price to rise. But what most people don’t know is that they can still make a profit even when they expect a decrease in value in the asset. This is called shortselling the asset. Bitcoin has been showing extreme volatility both recently and historically and any trader who knows all about shorting the digital coin might just have a powerful tool in their arsenal.

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