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Emergency Loans for Bad Credit: 5 Best Providers


It is common for people to turn to loans when they are in a financial emergency. However, finding an affordable and easy loan can be difficult when you have a bad credit score. Most issuers look for applicants with a good credit score as it shows a willingness to pay the loan back. However, you will find emergency loans for bad credit if you look in the right direction.

What is a Bad Credit Score?

Credit score ranges depend on factors including the credit bureau (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) and the scoring model (VantageScore or FICO). Since most lenders use the FICO score, we have created a chart below to help you understand what a bad credit score is:

A bad credit score makes it difficult to get loans but it is still possible to find emergency loans for bad credit. We have covered some of the best urgent loans for bad credit providers below.

Five Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Here are five issuers offering emergency cash immediately bad credit:

Onemain Financial

Onemain Financial offers instant loans and enjoys an excellent reputation. You will get cash in less than 24 hours and the maximum amount is $20,000. The EPR is in the range of 18.00-35.99% and the company has no minimum credit score requirements. This is why it can help you get emergency cash immediately bad credit.

The entire process is online and loans are typically approved within 24 hours. However, the company also has branch offices and you will have the option to visit a branch to apply for a loan. You can choose from multiple loan types including some that are available on the same day.


Here are some o the main features of Onemain Financial:

  • Same day loans are available
  • The company is known for offering excellent customer service
  • Creditors can receive direct payment on debt consolidation loans
  • The platform is safe and secure
  • Very expensive as it charges an origination fee and APRs are also high

Bad Credit Loans

As the name suggests, this company is for people with bad credit. The platform acts as a bridge between lenders and potential clients and is more of a marketplace than an issuer. It isn’t directly involved in the loan process and gives users access to a huge number of licensed lenders. The good thing is that a large number of lenders on the platform aren’t specific about credit scores. But, issuers may ask for additional information including credit scores.

In addition, loans are usually approved in 24-48 hours. You will be asked to upload some documents. The system is secure and your data will remain encrypted. 

bad credit loans

Here are some of its main features:

Here are some of the main pros and cons of choosing this bad credit loan platform:

  • Quick processing and easy procedure
  • Help is available 24/7
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Gives access to valuable resources
  • Not available in all states


MoneyMutual bad credit loans are popular as they come with some great perks including ease. It takes only a few minutes to apply for Money Mutual bad credit loans. The process is simple and faster than going to traditional banks and there’s a higher chance of approval even if you do not have an impressive credit score. However, just like our first pick, MoneyMutual is also not a lender but a platform that brings lenders and borrowers together. 

Most lenders are willing to give loans to applicants with a poor credit score. The interest rate largely varies. We suggest that you compare different options and pick a suitable lender.


The amount is capped at $5,000, however, the amount may vary from state to state. On the plus side, loans are typically approved in a day but some lenders may have additional questions.

Here are some of its main features:

Here are some of the main pros and cons of Money Mutual bad credit loans:

  • The company offers excellent customer support through phone and email
  • The website has an excellent resources section
  • Reliable with more than a decade in the business
  • A very high approval rate of around 99 percent
  • Doesn’t operate in some states


Avant is a financial technology company offering emergency loans for bad credit. Most people don’t think of Avant when they search for emergency cash immediately despite its low credit score requirements. You will have a chance to get approved if your score is as low as 550. You might get approved even with a lower score but expect to pay very high interest.

The APR is in the range of 9.95% – 35.99% and loan terms largely vary and go as high as 60 months. You can receive up to $35,000, which is pretty high. While the process is quick and most applications are approved within 24 hours, you will have to submit additional documents including income documents, especially when you apply for a big amount.


Here are some of the main features of Avant:

  • Funds are sent to the bank account via an ACH transfer
  • Customer service is good
  • The platform is safe and secure
  • You can choose from additional products and services
  • Some loans can take a while to process

Personal Loans

This can be a great platform for borrowers looking for a public loan and dealing with a poor credit score. It has a huge lender network and the website is user-friendly. However, what truly sets it apart from other platforms is the range. You can apply for as little as $1,000 and as high as $35,000. 

Loans will be available in your account in around 24 hours and can be applied for any personal reason including medical emergencies and home repairs. Pay special attention to lenders as the rate and other terms change from lender to lender. You can find both short-term and long-term loans with some going up to 6 years.


Here are some of the main features of Personal Loans:

Here are some of the main pros and cons of Personal Loans:

  • You can choose from a vast network of lenders
  • The platform works 24/7 and is very fast and reliable
  • You will find several more credit-related services and products on the platform
  • The website is safe and secure
  • Some lenders may not issue loans to borrowers with a poor credit score

Careful When Applying for Urgent Loans for Bad Credit

Getting an emergency loan with a bad credit score is now easy and possible. We have covered some of the best platforms that offer urgent loans bad credit, however, not all might be suitable for you. It is important that you compare all options and pick one that fits you the best.

Here are a few things to remember when selecting an issuer:

Credit Score

This is the most important factor as you need to look for a provider who doesn’t pay attention to credit scores. Most direct lenders look for a fair score (at least) and some will accept around 550. Marketplaces, however, will offer you more opportunities.

Loan Amount

See how much money you can apply for (minimum and maximum). In most cases, the lowest is $1,000 and the maximum is $5,000 but some issuers are now going as high as $5,000. However, more money typically means more documentation and slow processing.


You will have to pay interest on the amount that you take out as a loan. This can be anywhere between 5 to 35% based on factors such as your credit score and the duration of the loan. Some lenders might even be willing to negotiate, so make sure to shop around.


The payment schedule defines how the money will be paid back, i.e.: in how many months. Pick a plan that fits your financial situation.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions refer to relevant fees, refinancing options, etc. Again, these conditions change from lender to lender so make sure to read the contract and be on the same page. 


Look for providers that offer quick loans so you can easily cover your expenses. Most companies that offer loans will typically provide cash in 24 hours but some might take longer. Be clear on this facto to avoid issues. 

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