Litecoin Rallies – Halving Incoming

Just like in Bitcoin, the fundamentals for Litecoin look good. The Hashrate recently reached and ATH in both SHA-256 coins. However, Bitcoin’s halving is still several months away, while Litecoin’s halving will happen now in less than 60 days. On the 6th of August the halving will happen, meaning that the block reward will halve from 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC per block. The price surged in the last 24 hours by nearly 10% from $102 to $113.

Binance: Monero Risks 51% Attack After Fork

The latest Binance report suggests that the last hardfork of Monero might have missed its actual target. The report states that ASIC miners were successfully excluded from mining Monero. However, the actual goal which was to raise mining profitability and the amount of regular miners (from the community) was only slightly fulfilled. In return for this, the risk of a 51% attack is now higher. According to Binance, “the hashrate dropped by more than -70%”.

Bitcoin Price Breaks Parabolic Advance – Correction Incoming?

Bitcoin has advanced parabolically in the last weeks. Now the first major breakdown seems to have set in. A break of the parabolic movement is what started the last bear market. Of course, the parabolic advance was not as extreme as the last major bullrun in the second half of 2017. But despite the price of Bitcoin recently recovering to the $8000 a sell-off is not unlikely as we analyzed here.

S.L. Benfica Becomes the First Major Football Club in Europe to Accept Cryptocurrencies

Benfica recently partnered with UTRUST, a payment platform, to ease the process of receiving and making payments. This partnership makes it possible for its fans to pay for tickets as well as merchandise using UTRUST token (UTK), Bitcoin, or Ethereum. While speaking to the press, the football club said that the decision to start accepting cryptocurrency payments was based on the urgent need to improve its e-commerce strategy.

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Is Blockchain Technology About To Trigger A Radical Shift In Shoppers’ Behaviors?

According to Nell Lewis of CNN Business based in London UK, there are high chances that Blockchain technology is about to have a far-reaching impact on consumers’ behaviors. Lewis is exploring the possible impact that Blockchain adoption could have in ethical matters that are becoming a norm to most people of good will in the contemporary world. For instance, since a growing number of people are willing to play their part in ensuring that fairness is upheld in the economy of production and distribution of goods, product developers are being bombarded with questions of; who produced the product, were the blue-collar workers in the production chain compensated fairly, does the means of production destroy the environment? etc.

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