Ledger Unveils A Mobile Phone App

A French firm that develops the Ledger Crypto hardware wallet is launching a mobile app. The aim of the software is to facilitate connectivity between the Ledger Nano X wallets and users’ smartphones. The application will be linking to the cold wallet via wireless Bluetooth.

The practice of linking hardware wallet with a mobile phone is already increasingly becoming the new normal. This is because most users find it convenient to work from their mobile phones and developers such as Ledger are responding to the prevailing needs.

The Ledger Live Smartphone App

The software is dubbed as the Ledger Live smartphone app. It will be available on the Android Lollipop 5 operating system and the iOS 9+ and more advanced Oss. The mode of connection between the application and the wallet will be via Bluetooth. Moreover, users of Android smartphones will have the option of establishing a directing connection through a USB OTG cable. This is meant to offer privacy to Cryptocurrency holders whose privacy is likely to be compromised should their Bluetooth connectivity be intercepted by bad actors. It is a strategy of guaranteeing total privacy and anonymity that the Ledger Nano X wallet is meant to offer.

The App Functions

The basic intention of the French hardware Crypto wallet maker is to offer a live version of the Ledger Nano X wallet that has so far been unavailable on a mobile device. The features that the app will have will closely resemble what is available on the desktop live version of the Ledger Nano X.

The solutions that the app will be providing will, first of all, enable clients will be able to manage their Digital Token private keys efficiently and easily. Secondly, the app will ensure that the clients are able to get timely updates of their firmware wherever they are. Thirdly, the mobile ledger app will allow users to install relevant applications that enhance the performance and security of the Cryptocurrency hardware.


Lastly, the app will offer consultative functions where Crypto holders will be able to view their balances and the value of their Crypto assets on a real-time basis. To guarantee security and lock out unauthorized access, users will be required to scan a live QR code to access to their portfolio.

About The Hardware Wallet

Ledger is one of the most widely used Cryptocurrency hardware devices. For instance, Ledger Nano X was sold in 165 countries to over 1.4 million users. On the other hand, Nano S is still widely users by Crypto holders because of the security assurances.

The latest version, Nano X, is claiming to offer increased connectivity and security via its Bluetooth feature and the new live mobile app. It can also support over 100 Cryptos, a larger screen, and an improved interface.

In November 2018, Ledger opened a New York office to offer custody services for the US market. The company, according to the CEO Éric Larchevêque, aims to play a central role in improving Crypto adoption by eliminating the challenge of security.