Kyber Network and IDEX Joins Midas Protocol In Creating A Universal Crypto Wallet

Kyber Network and IDEX are blending their technology to enhance the Midas ecosystem/protocol. This technology offers an infrastructure for the revolutionary universal Crypto wallet dubbed as the Midas wallet.

The Midas universal Crypto wallet is bringing security and accessibility to all Crypto holders-both novice users and experts.

Further, the Midas protocol innovative technology can support smart wallet-based services such as portfolio management, intelligent trading, and safekeeping. The services are all essential for cryptocurrency operations. Hence, the Midas ecosystem enhances Crypto trading activities by formulating viable investments.

The Midas Wallet Is Multi-Currency And Multi-Platform-Based

Midas universal Crypto wallet has multi-currency support that can hold over 500 Digital Tokens including DIVI, MAS, ZCOIN, TOMO, TVND, TUSD, NEO, USDT, ETH, BTC, and many other NEP5, TRC-20, and ERC-20 Tokens.

Additionally, the wallet has multi-platform properties for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Role Of Kyber Network and IDEX

The Midas wallet has an infrastructure that has been designed through the joint partnership of Kyber Network and IDEX. This has enabled the wallet to proffer to users an ideal trading experience that is multi-currency as well as multi-platform based.

Additionally, the Midas ecosystem is integrated with the Vinex Network that enables traders to transact through a next-generation API.

Further, Midas universal Cryptocurrency wallet also entails an in-built dApp browser that contains an address book and a deep-link that offer the best interface for trading Cryptocurrencies.

Other Properties Of The Wallet

In addition to trading on Android and iOS mobile platform, users of the Midas universal wallet will be able to trade on desktop devices. The developers are also planning to unveil a web-based platform in the near future.

Interestingly, sending Cryptos from the platform will be easy not only to friends and contacts but also e-commerce sites that accept Crypto payment.

Further, investors will be not be exposed to the risk of getting hacked as they will be trading without sending API keys to third parties.

Other wallet properties include; real-time portfolio monitoring, notification on price movements and trade execution, high performing ROI portfolio services, as well as security.

Fool-Proof Security

In regards to security, Midas universal Crypto wallet has password features for API and private keys to protect data files to prevent hacking.


Additionally, Midas ecosystem is incorporating the Sentinel Protocol that allows the infrastructure to be an integral part of the Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API with security intelligence properties from Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) that blacklists or whitelists data to fight scams, malware, phishing, and other threats to portfolio integrity.

The wallet protocol is also part of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) that consists of global wallets and exchanges.

More Partners

FIO, Kyber Network, and IDEX are not the only partners providing the ecosystem of the Midas universal Crypto wallet. Others include; CoinUp24, B.E.S.T Center, Midashimaya, NewCater, TomoBowl, TomoDome, TrueVND, TomoDice, etc.

The team behind the project is led by Dr. David Nguyen, Ph.D. who is also the CEO. There are ambassadors of the wallet in the USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Eurozone.