Kraken Sells Shares to Small Investors, Russia-Venezuela Trades in Petro? & more

Kraken Started Small-Investor Funding Round

Kraken has started a funding round that allows small investors to buy shares of the company. The minimum investment amount lies at $1000. Kraken’s partner in the share offering is Bnk to the Future. The exchange already started a funding round for bigger investors in Q4 2018. The minimum investment at that time was $100,000. Kraken had a valuation of $4bn at that time.

Russia and Venezuela Discuss Use of Petro in Bilateral Trade

Currently, Venezuela and Russia are still relying on the Dollar in trades between the two countries. Now the two countries are in talks over replacing the Dollar. The countries are discussing the use of the Rubel and the Petro. Due to the devastated state of the socialist Venezuelan fiat-currency, the Bolivar is no option. However, the task at hand has proven to be a difficult one in the past. Russia and China have both tried to ditch the Dollar for years now. The Dollar comes with a lot of infrastructure to it and is less volatile than the Rubel or the Yuan.

Binance Coin (BNB) Market Cap Rises Above $4 Billion

Coinmarketcap charts show that Binance Coin (BNB) is valued at over $4 billion from Sunday (May 19, 2019). BNB is a native Token of the Binance Crypto exchange platform and is being accepted as a payment by an increasing number of merchants. After the 2017 Crypto market rally, a price plunge ensued and most Digital Assets traded at 80-90% lower prices compared to their peak levels in the pre-bear 2017. This has however changed in 2019-particularly in the last 6 weeks- where the market is dominated by bullish sentiments similar to 2017.

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IRS Tells Congress It Will Issue New Cryptocurrency Taxation Guidelines

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has told the national Congress that it will issue new regulations that will streamline cryptocurrency taxation here in the United States. Over the last one, the cryptocurrency industry in the country has grown tremendously. Proper guidelines about crypto taxes will help investors trade in various accredited digital assets legally. The government will also benefit from the ballooning cryptocurrency industry globally.

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Bitcoin Undecided: Bull or Bear?

The bulls and bears are struggling hard to gain price control. Currently, the price of Bitcoin sits at around $7,900. The $8k level is criticial as it will define the meaning of the last bullish surge. Will it be a real bull run or could the run become a bull trap?