Kraken Collected 13 Million US-Dollar Amidst Expansion Plan & more

Kraken Collected 13 Million US-Dollar Amidst Expansion Plan

The crypto exchange Kraken has collected 13 million US-Dollar in a recent funding round. Six million were already collected on the first day of the funding round. Currently, Kraken aims to expand its service to other countries. The exchange had acquired the British Investment Company “Crypto Facilities” which had access to the European market.

Iran BTC Miners Set Up Shops In Mosques Despite The Government Crackdown

On Tuesday, 25th June 2019, Tavanir, which is the Iranian energy grid corporation, warned that the illegal BTC mining stables would no longer get their supply. But it appears that the Iranian Bitcoin miners have defied the warnings issued earlier on. After the announcement, images of BTC mining facilities set up in a mosque were shared on social media.

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Epazz Project Aims To Deliver A Social Media App With Better Privacy

Social Media is increasingly becoming an important part of people’s lives particularly the millennials. In the recent past, privacy concerns and ownership of online data has been on the spotlight after cases of hacking, online fraud, and data misuse emerged. In view of these concerns, Epazz is developing a self-styled smartphone application that aims to proffer improved privacy for users on social media. Most importantly, this application is based on Blockchain sharing infrastructure and experts believe that the app will allow the app users to benefit from the many features of DLT. One of these benefits is the capability to share Bitcoin among peers instantly and easily in a secure ecosystem.

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SEC-Licensed Clearing House Delivers Crypto Trading To Five Million Clients

A new trading platform meant for financial advisors and broker-dealers has been launched by Apex Clearing, an American financial clearing and execution firm. Apex Clearing has collaborated with its cryptocurrency investment subsidiary known as Apex Crypto. This is according to a statement released on the 27th of June by Apex Clearing and Apex Crypto platform.

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