Klays Listed In Upbit Indonesia & More

Klays Listed In Upbit Indonesia

South Korea’s Kakao messaging platform is listing its native cryptocurrency on Upbit Indonesia. The move positions the blockchain in a market that is particularly crucial. The larger Asian market represents a growing economy of the unbanked population, such is a prerequisite for the thriving of cryptocurrencies. The Klay token joins other established coins like the Ethereum, bitcoin, and ripple in the crypto exchange charts. Following Klay’s market entry, there is a possibility that orders could skyrocket as a result of increasing strategic partnerships that boost Klay’s adoption. One of such partnerships is with Samsung. The multinational company intends to install Klay wallet app on its smartphones. Meanwhile, a deal with LG is also in the making.

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KPMG: American’s Growing Preference In Crypto

Coinmarketcap reports a shrinking market capitalization in the digital assets economy. The figures have hit as low as $213 billion while the dominance of bitcoin is still overwhelmingly at 68%. On the other, KPMG is reporting a growing preference in bitcoin as a preference for digital money. Shoppers are increasingly in favor of crypto for shopping. 63% of the respondents in KPMG’s survey said they would consider crypto payments because of their convenience over the conventional methods of payments. Besides the convenience, transactions are also instant and affordable.

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Bitcoin Skydives To $8000

Bitcoin experiences a catastrophic market implosion that lead to a 17% plummeting of its prices to below $8000. Investors were left counting losses and wondering what just happened. The dump, which has already been categorized as one of the most brutal in 2019 wiped of a whopping $37 billion in just 24 hours. Although the bitcoin market has been stagnant the past couple of months, the retrace takes it back to a price it hadn’t seen in months. Could this be as a result of Bakkt’s horrible first-day performance? Nobody knows the exact cause, neither bitcoin’s next move.

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