Kaspersky Lab Launches Blockchain And Crypto Service Pack

Businesses that have adopted Blockchain and those that are in the Crypto economy are set to benefit from the new Kaspersky Lab service pack that has been launched.

The Kaspersky service pack offers incident response, protection against phishing, security awareness training, application & website security assessment, and smart contract code review solutions.

Most importantly, Kaspersky Lab has a tailored service for Crypto exchanges which is designed to help these platforms to detect and prevent fraud and money laundering as well as to avoid attacks. The Kaspersky Lab service pack will, therefore, revolutionize Crypto exchange operations by protecting Crypto Token offering (ICO/ STO) projects from security risks that are threatening to bring down Token crowdfunding.

Blockchain Industry And The Crypto Economy Are Rising

According to a PwC estimation, the global market capitalization of Cryptocurrencies is $362 billion. Further, ICOs are still an important part of the Crypto economy having raised $19.7 billion in crowdfunding drives for Blockchain-powered startups in 2018.

This means that the Crypto economy and Blockchain adoption have been growing at a staggering pace and a security solution is needed to stabilize and mature the areas.

Blockchain Is Susceptible To Attacks Like Other Online Platforms

DLT was initially thought to be a secure technology. However, cybercrime evolves on a fast pace and its now a major risk to Blockchain platforms and the Crypto economy which is native to Blockchain networks.

Kaspersky Labs has been observing phishing incidences on an ICO website for two years. The company is also aware that adware for stealing Cryptos have been attacking Crypto exchanges and other Crypto-based payment platforms.

To offer a concrete solution, Kaspersky Lab has developed and deployed service pack that can integrate into the business models of Blockchain and Crypto businesses to protect their infrastructure from attacks.

Features Of The Kaspersky Lab Service Pack

The first service on the pack is the Smart Contract Code Review. This solution will enable DLT platforms to identify flaws and suspect features that go against the existing smart-contract business logic and Whitepaper provisions.

The second service is the Application Security Assessment which will audit the security of a platform by detecting bugs and risky addresses.

The third service is Penetration Testing which will be used by Crypto exchanges to identify system blindspots that hackers take advantage of.

The fourth service is the User Account Takeover Prevention which will make sure that hackers do not take over user’s accounts to gain access to Crypto wallets or Blockchain peer accounts.

The fifth part of the pack is the Kaspersky Lab Blockchain Security solution. This section will offer Phishing Protection by alerting system managers when cybercriminals create copies of ICOs and Crypto exchange identities.

Lastly, the Cybersecurity Awareness and Incident Response service will enable Blockchain and Crypto enterprises to comply with security provisions to avoid falling prey to attackers.


Kaspersky Lab Service Pack Enhances Cybersecurity Measures

The security solution will enhance measures put in place by platforms. For instance, inbuilt internal Security Operation Centers will get threat data feeds from Kaspersky pack alongside other benefits.

Head of Verification, at Kaspersky Lab, Vitaly Mzokov, is confident that Crypto investors and Blockchain users’ fears of cybercriminals and online fraudsters will be put to rest with the mass adoption of the Kaspersky Labs service pack.