Japan Witnesses Tremendous Growth Of The Cryptocurrency Market; Mining Plans And Tokens

Three major Japanese public firms have made some major announcements in regards to their Cryptocurrency trading. These three companies; Forside, Line Corp, and Fasteps have made tremendous improvements in as far as Cryptocurrency operations are concerned. Forside, for instance, has seriously improved its mining operations with plans to have 7nm mining rigs of Bitcoin sold.

On the other hand, Fasteps has plans of launching an exchange platform in Singapore, while Line Corp has introduced the Cryptocurrency price quotes to its Clova Artificial Intelligence assistant and has also gone ahead to introduce a token fund. It can be remembered that Line Corp is the company that introduced the most popular chat application in Japan known as Line chat app.

Forside has Increased its Mining Operations

Forside has Increased its Mining Operations

First of all, it is important to note that Forside is a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed firm and also operates other real estate businesses. Last week, this company made new announcements regarding its Cryptocurrency mining operations.

Registered as Forside Financial Services Co. Ltd, this Forside Co. Ltd.’s-consolidated subsidiary obtained OEM from a Crypto mining company known as LC Mining. In the announcement, Forside made it clear that it would begin selling these mining rigs using FFSM, as its new brand name.

In Canada, a mining operation started by Forside Financial Services is already in operation. According to its mother company, the mining rig sales are one of the efforts that the company has undertaken to ensure that the growth strategy development of its Cryptocurrency mining operations is achieved.

Fasteps’ Singapore Crypto Operation Plans

Fasteps Co. Ltd., which is another Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company, announced that it has plans of a Crypto exchange hub in Singapore. With the registration number TYO: 2338, Fasteps majorly engages in media solutions, system solution, as well as cost management business.
In June 2018, an exchange known as Bitone was opened in Hong Kong by this great company. At the moment, it provides trading in three main markets, with 5 US Dollar Tether trading pairs, 10 Ethereum trading pairs, and 11 Bitcoin trading pairs.

Line Corporation’s New Line of Crypto Activities

Known by one of the best chat apps in Japan that it brought to the market, Line Corporation has opted to add crypto price quotes to its Clova AI for both the iOS and Android operating systems. All the Cryptocurrencies prices are offered hereby Kraken exchange. In the announcement, the company also made it clear that its subsidiary, the unblock corporation, has introduced a corporate token venture fund in the city of Hong Kong. This new corporate venture fund is known as “unblock ventures ltd”.

With the LVC Corporation, the main subsidiary that manages the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency businesses of the group, the main focus of the block ventures would be on token investments. In addition to that, the company also has a $10 million commitment towards the whole project.

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