Japan Investors Are Leaning Towards More Cryptocurrency Assets Lately

As the world battles the existing Coronavirus pandemic, digital payments become more important, making cryptocurrency assets an attractive investment. One key factor in prolific gains is to follow current market trends and make educated decisions for your portfolio. By keeping up to date, investors are sure to be prepared for any sudden market movements.

Are Cryptocurrency Assets the New Standard?

A recently conducted survey by Fidelity Digital Assets this week revealed that large investors retain approximately 36% of cryptocurrency assets. This group of large investors is comprised of individuals residing in Europe and The United States. Additionally, more than 1/3rd of large institutional investors hold cryptocurrency assets, a number that has increased these past few years.

As digital currency becomes more commonplace and accepted means of financial payments, it gains appeal as a solid investment. And when examining cryptocurrency assets, the name Bitcoin is a regularly occurring investment among this group. It’s no surprise that Bitcoin has become a common digital asset worldwide. Bitcoin has spent much time over the years carving its niche in the crypto world, yielding abundant results.

cryptocurrency assets

Japan Advances into the Cryptocurrency World More

The Bitfury Group just recently announced they are connecting with Nippon Angel Investment Company to launch an infrastructure fund. This will revolutionize the way cryptocurrency assets are seen since it is the first of its kind in Japan. By joining forces, they hope to make digital currencies easier to access for institutional investors and retailer markets alike.

Bitfury is using the Digital Currency Fund as a tool to get institutional investors interested in obtaining Bitcoin. The Nippon Angel Investment Company is a licensed fund manager and is regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency. With these 2 entities joining forces, institutional investors will find easier ways to now get invested in cryptocurrency assets.

What Does the Future Hold for the Crypto World?

No one can predict the future, but you could make some guesses based on historical facts and market trends. And while worldwide economies suffer, investors are curious as to how cryptocurrency assets will fare in the near future. More and more individuals are using digital technology to make purchases, conduct business, and even complete schooling activities. As the world turns to instant payments, cryptocurrency becomes an essential tool in the marketplace.

By making cryptocurrency assets easier to obtain, more crypto enthusiasts will begin to branch out and diversify with digital investments. And considering this, cryptocurrency exchange platforms are here to help those users who are new to the cryptocurrency world. There are several large exchange platforms worldwide that can offer numerous crypto assets to its users, including:
• Coinbase
• Binance
• CEX.io

Research is key when examining the different exchange platforms available in your local area. Some exchanges will offer trading pairs, while others may not hold cryptocurrency assets that you are looking for. Be sure to explore all of the attributes of each exchange platform to find what works best for your portfolio. Because as the world advances and cryptocurrency assets become more commonplace, exchange platform accounts will be essential tools for individuals.

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