It’s Official – Telegram’s TON Is Coming In October

Slowly emerging as a truly global Blockchain and Crypto Project, Telegrams’ TON project is set to finally enter the Crypto and Blockchain space. The deployment date is set for October 2019.

The revelation is emanating from an official email from Telegram to TON investors who have been categorical about their desire for a short roadmap.

This comes as a relief to Blockchain and Crypto enthusiasts who have been speculating as to whether Telegram will push forward with its TON Crypto project after the messy entry of Facebook’s Libra Coin in the Crypto space.

About TON Tokens

TON is an acronym for the Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain. This platform has a native Token codenamed Gram Token that is designed to operate like conventional Cryptos.

Unlike Libra Coin which is fully owned by Facebook and airlifted as per the discretion of the Menlo Park-based social media giant, Gram is detached from Telegram and is set to operate in an ecosystem of consensus. Moreover, TON is designed to enable users to validate nodes independently which ensures that the Telegram Foundation does not control the system.

Additionally, the TON native Token is expected to be listed on Crypto exchanges where investors will able sell in a market environment underpinned by supply and demand tradeoffs.

TON Airdropping Is Underway

As per the email sent out to strategic investors, the strategic investors have been offered software that enables them to generate TON private keys on their devices. This allows them to consequently acquire GRAM Tokens which is a simplified methodology of airdropping the first issuance of Gram.

Additionally, the application is designed to create Crypto wallets dedicated to Gram. It is set to be secure and protected by unique authentication security that guarantees safety and privacy.

Participants in the last ICO will be required to provide their public keys by October 16 to enable the TON team to transfer Gram Private Keys to their wallets directly.

Gram ICO Was Successful

In early 2018, Telegram unveiled its Initial Coin Offering netting a staggering 1.7 bln USD in what is touted as the largest ICO the world has ever seen. Terms of investments say that Telegram has to launch its TON platform and deploy Gram Tokens by end October failure to which all the funds would be refunded to investors.


Market Reaction

The market is, however, unresponsive to the announcement as it is becoming mature and hence immune from events outside the regulatory framework. Nevertheless, the reds on Crypto exchange listings are easing and becoming less intense with a few Cryptos such as Huobi Token and Litecoin going green.

In the meantime, Gram Tokens’ implementation will lead to a surge in the size of the Crypto economy overall.