Is eBay About To Roll Out Crypto Payments Support?

Many e-commerce sites have integrated the support of Cryptocurrencies on their payment options. eBay might be the latest platform to allow clients to pay with Cryptos as it looks to tap into the growing Crypto market.

This news emanates from unofficial reports coming from a Telegram user called @PatronsofTheMoon. The account holder has posted banners of the upcoming eBay payment service that says; ‘Virtual Currency. It’s happening on eBay’.

These banners that the Telegram platform user offers are said to have been presented to participants of the Consensus Conference that is ongoing in New York City. The conclusion from the banners is that eBay seems to be due to announce its new Crypto-supporting payline on its website anytime soon.

The anticipation of the upcoming eBay Crypto support is now a major talk point at the conference that is bringing together Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry stakeholders.

Is There A Chance That This Is True?

It is important for Crypto enthusiasts who have always liked to see a surge in Cryptocurrency adoption to keep in mind that the eBay banner does not with certainty confirm that the platform is finally incorporating Crypto payment in its network. However, there are some key indicators that point out to a high possibility that eBay may finally unveil its Crypto payment service.

The first indicator is that eBay is participating in the Consensus Conference in New York City as a sponsor. The event is a Crypto and Blockchain-exclusive affair and it is therefore almost certain that eBay sees itself as a company that is part of the emerging industry.

Secondly, many of e-commerce platforms are accepting Crypto payments and eBay is likely to follow suit to avoid being left behind by its peers should the futuristic Crypto market and Blockchain technology mass adoption materialize.

eBay Has Been Part Of The Crypto Market

eBay has been allowing the sale of Cryptos on its platform since 2014. Its CEO Devin Wenig who has been in charge of the company from July 2015 has also been Crypto-friendly and this may form a basis for the adoption of eBay Crypto payment solution.


It Could Be True…

Another unconfirmed report reveals that eBay is set to partner with UTRUST to allow customers to pay with Cryptos. The two speculation reports are perfectly coinciding with each other to show that eBay is most probably about to make its big announcement on accepting Crypto payments.

Moreover, UTRUST is believed to be establishing a strong relationship with eBay. This is after setting up shop in Switzerland (where eBay has their head office) after getting a self-regulatory organization (SRO) approval by the Swiss government.

A Matter Of Time Before eBay Crypto Pay Becomes A Reality

Other factors notwithstanding, eBay may be working on a proof of concept as it endeavors to develop its Crypto payment solution. It is tricky to predict whether it will be UTRUST that will enable eBay to achieve this milestone by merely starting operations in Switzerland but at this point, all that the Crypto community can do is to believe that the eBay banner is a pointer to a Crypto payment-accepting eBay.