IOTA Update ‘Coordicide’ – Price Surges by 18%, Facebook Coin Could Bring Millions of Users to Crypto & more

IOTA Update ‘Coordicide’ – Price Surges by 18%

Iota launched the ‘Coordicide’ upgrade of its network yesterday. Its a major upgrade of the Tangle that had problems with scaling and coordinating the network – so far. Due to this, a feature called “the Coordinator” had to organize the Tangle. A centralizing element in Iota’s infrastructure that has now become obsolete. Hence the name ‘Coordicide’ for the new upgrade. The market has reacted very positively to this significant step for Iota and the price surged by more than 18%, while the majority of the crypto market underwent slightly negative price action.

Study: Facebook Coin Could Bring Much More Users to Crypto

A study by lendedu has found out what people speculated about since the first rumors regarding Facebook’s stablecoin. The so-called GlobalCoin (reportedly the internal name at Facebook) could bring in much more users to cryptocurrency. Especially those who have so far distrusted cryptocurrencies in general. 91% of the Facebook users answered that they have never invested in cryptocurrencies before. Of these 91% some 15% answered that they could imagine investing in Facebook’s cryptocurrency. Given Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users, the cryptospace could see a huge influx hundreds of millions of new investors. However, the survey represents only the US-american user as only 1000 user in the US were asked.

Fetch Blockchain And Deutsche Telekom Unit Jointly Developing An IoT Network

Blockchain technology has been making a foray into the Internet of Things (IoT) space. In the latest use case, Deutsche Telekom, a German Telecommunications giant, and Fetch.AI, a tech platform based in Cambridge, have entered into a partnership to develop an IoT system for telecommunications use-case. The two partners have already put pen on paper on a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will enable the Deutsche Telekom’s T-Labs to source the skills for designing an autonomous economic agents (AEAs) system.

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$10.000 – Bitcoin’s New Target As It Inches Closer To $9,000

BTC/USD is eyeing $10,000 as its bullish momentum moves closer to $10,000 which is about half of its all-time peak price of $20,089 of December 17, 2017. So far, in 2019, Bitcoin has doubled in price riding on a bull run that is gathering steam since the beginning of spring. Currently, Bitcoin’s price is moving sidewards at the 8,600 level. The catalysts for the rally are a host of factors and events such as increased awareness in BTC in the general public, surging investment appetite from institutions, and so on.

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ConsenSys Report Reveals That Blockchain And Crypto Job Opportunities Are Increasing

One of the indicators of a booming economy is an increase in vacant positions. The US Economy is one of the best examples where increased job opportunities reports are always accompanied by a correlated surge in the GDP growth month-over-month. In the nascent Blockchain technology and Crypto market that define the Digital Economy the prospects are headed upwards as the Crypto market is in the green as Blockchain adoption rises. This event is consequently creating increased job opportunities in tech firms that operate in the digital economy as a ConsenSys report reveals.

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