Investors Are Hopeful When Looking at the Bitcoin Price Today in USD

As the finance market aims to rebound during this declining economy, the Bitcoin price today in USD gives investors hope. Even though the economy around the world struggles during the current COVID-19 pandemic, cryptocurrency continues to gain strength. Many potential investors are looking to the crypto world to expand their portfolios and give them more diversity.

The Bitcoin Price Today in USD

At the time of writing, the most current Bitcoin price today in USD is sitting at $6,902.03. Since its inception back in 2009, Bitcoin has managed to climb to the top of the cryptocurrency ladder of popularity. Creating a great following, Bitcoin continues to gain investors each coming quarter no matter how it moves on the market.

Examining past Bitcoin movement, there are trends you can begin to see and use as a prediction for this year.
• Bitcoin jumped in price significantly for the first time in February 2013, giving it a high of $617 USD. This was reported just 2 ½ months after its first halving event; then the price dropped drastically for some time.
• Rebounding to $1,170 USD in mid-February 2017, the Bitcoin showed investors just how much market potential it had. This all-time market high was reported approximately 7 months after the 2nd halving event, showing investors incredible stability.
• The next predicted halving event is for some time in May 2020, giving investors hope for a new projected high.

Bitcoin price today in USD

How High Will the Bitcoin Go?

No matter which online investment page you search, the Bitcoin price today in USD will give you current results. In fact, many of these will also provide you with a hopeful prediction for the near future. The cryptocurrency world is filled with financial gurus who spend a great deal of time following movement to find patterns. This can be very helpful to those new to the crypto world and are learning what to watch for.

Previously, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital predicted the Bitcoin price will skyrocket to $100,000 over 2 ½ years. Quite a bold statement indeed, but Anthony Pompliano had predicted previous Bitcoin price movement before and was shockingly accurate. But as stated, the road to the top is not straight and will show significant ups and downs.

What Can Investors Expect from Bitcoin for the Future?

No one can really know for sure how the cryptocurrency market will fare in the coming months and years. The financial market is not guaranteed, but rather an ever-changing world that will require attention and continuous analysis for profitability. In this way, you essentially get what you put in. By spending the time and effort researching cryptocurrencies trends, you can make better investment choices but always consider the unexpected.

The Bitcoin price today in USD is just a small step in how it can move over the next few months. Regular examination of market movement will help guide investors with their portfolio to give them the best outcomes possible. Be sure to check online regularly and do your research before making any drastic cryptocurrency movements in your investments. In the end, you will not be sorry for taking the time needed for your financial future.