INSS and Dataprev develop system for granting pension for death

INSS (National Social Security Institute), Dataprev (Welfare Technology and Information Company) and Enap (National School of Public Administration) should launch this year a system to streamline the analysis of requests for pensions due to death.The tool will facilitate filling out applications, submitting documents and identifying pending issues. The system stipulates ways to help people who are applying for the benefit, such as the use of documents already recognized in bases used by the INSS and the federal government. the necessary information. An artificial intelligence technology will recognize the documents, indicating whether or not they meet the required standard. With this, if the citizen fulfills the obligations, he will be able to leave with the benefit granted. If there is any pending issue, it will be informed immediately, indicating which information or documents must be complemented. According to Enap’s advisor and project supervisor, Adriana Ligiero, the advantage of the system is to reduce the processing time of these requests in relation to the procedures adopted currently. “Instead of the person coming in and waiting weeks to have the order analyzed, then running after the pending documents and getting in another queue, they already leave with the letter [de pendências], which already saves weeks or months in this process”, he explains. Another challenge that the project aims to overcome is to improve the language of the requisition system. The aim is to facilitate explanations about what should be made available, as a way to reduce pending issues. “What was diagnosed is that the language was not necessarily the friendliest and that the information was not available in a simpler way. We will adapt the question scripts so that they use simple language and will try to chew up how they can obtain information. This will appear as the person provides information, so that the request comes better instructed”, said Adriana. The project was developed based on a call from Enap for solutions aimed at responding to the demands posed by the pandemic. The number of pending death pension requests went from 450 thousand per month before the pandemic to 800 thousand in September 2020. There is still no forecast when the system will be available, but the expectation of those responsible for the project is that it is finalized still this year.

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