Industries That Have Young People Using Cryptos

With the use of cryptocurrencies on the rise (slowly but surely), many industries have at least dabbled in accepting them as forms of payment. And over time it’s become clear that one vital target audience for this transition tends to be that of technology-literate younger generations. These are often the people most enthusiastic about cryptos, and most likely to take the time to learn how to use them.
Below we’ve detailed some of the ways in which crypto spending has been made available, with particular appeal to younger people.

1. Video Games
Given its nature of already existing largely online, the video game industry is one that quickly adopted cryptocurrency. Furthermore, as many games already involve some sort of currency that can be earned by completing a certain task, redeemed for additional perks or skills, and exchanged with other online friends, cryptos can be made to fit in perfectly. Players can also currently use their own money via credit cards, PayPal, etc. to purchase upgrades for their gaming experience. Adding cryptos into the mix (as Microsoft already has) could make these interactions more secure and prevent cases of personal information theft, especially given that these transactions can occur within entire online communities. As a final point, it’s also been suggested that gaming could be used to familiarize people with the blockchain, which is viewed as a vital ste p toward mass adoption.

2. Betting
No matter where you go in the world, people love to watch sports, and many of these fans like to place bets on the teams they think are likely to win. If you go to watch a game in person, many venues will have booths you can enter when you arrive where you can make your best attempt at a successful wager. Unfortunately, we can’t all go to see our favorite teams in person every time they play – and plenty of venues don’t have sportsbook booths. But thanks to live internet streaming of sports and the ability to place bets remotely through online bookmakers, people inclined to bet can do so from wherever they might be (though, granted, most of the reliable platforms are UK-based). As the betting industry has evolved in this digital manner, so too have the currencies used within it. Several online betting sites have started to accept cryptos, due to the unique benefits they provide. As peo ple are beginning to understand – particularly in
> younger generations – using cryptos can make deposits and withdrawals more efficient, and can also guarantee security and anonymity.

3. Shopping
With young people getting busier and busier in their everyday lives, online shopping has made significant gains even on its early popularity. And with the use of cryptos also on the rise, some major shopping sites have decided to accept them as forms of payment (the most commonly accepted option being bitcoin, of course). The most prominent online shop to have embraced cryptos is Overstock, a website where you can pretty much buy anything you might need for your home (aside from groceries). Unfortunately, according to Overstock’s customer service site, bitcoin cannot yet be combined with gift cards or coupons, which may be disappointing to some customers. But the point is that there are crypto spending opportunities online for those who care to seek them out.

4. Travel
Many people are surprised to find out that cryptos, primarily bitcoin, can be used to book flights, hotel stays, a…