IDAP: A Crypto Derivatives Exchange

What is IDAP?

IDAP stands for International Digital Asset Platform. This platform has a goal of offering a dynamic crypto derivatives trading platform. With IDAP, traders will be able to trade calendar and butterfly spreads, futures, options, swaps, and standard cryptocurrencies. Essentially, IDAP wants to make it easy for cryptocurrency investors to trade not only cryptocurrencies but other assets in the crypto space. This makes it easier for cryptocurrency investors to hedge their bets and diversify their portfolios. Many of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges do not have crypto derivative products, so IDAP could be a real game changer for cryptocurrency investing platforms. IDAP was also created specifically to be customer-centric, and to be easy to use. The creators of IDAP believe that user-friendliness is key for building platforms that people love and have high levels of enthusiasm for.


The Token

Token Name: IDAP

Token Type: ERC20

Token Price: $.03 per IDAP

Location: Estonia




How does it work?

IDAP functions very similarly to other trading platforms. Users create accounts and deposit funds. Then they can choose which assets they would like to trade and start trading them. The biggest difference between IDAP and other investing platforms is simply that IDAP offers crypto derivatives. This makes the platform appealing to people who prefer to invest in derivatives as opposed to primary assets. Derivatives provide a large amount of flexibility for trading and they can be used to diversify investing accounts. So, for this reason, IDAP is helping cryptocurrency investors to access assets that can help them to broaden their portfolios. People who are used to using digital investing platforms and exchanges should have no trouble at all using IDAP. People who are unfamiliar with these sorts of platforms should be able to learn how to use IDAP with little to no trouble.


The simplest answer is that the cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile and are constantly in flux. This means that investors need to be able to bet against crypto assets through various derivatives in order to be able to generate profits in all market conditions. Being able to trade crypto derivatives such as futures and options is enormously beneficial for investors. Savvy investors will be able to use the IDAP platform to make money both in bull markets and bear markets. Nobody knows exactly when the next crypto bear or crypto bull market will come. So, it is advantageous to have access to a trading platform that allows you to be able to react quickly to changing market circumstances.

With IDAP crypto investors will be able to take their crypto investing strategies to the next level. IDAP also has the potential to be appealing to sophisticated investors who might have more complex trading strategies. This could help to draw a lot of advanced investors to the IDAP platform. Because IDAP can hypothetically help investors to reduce risk in terms of crypto investors, it could also help to draw traditional investors into the crypto investing world. This is a major benefit.