ICO Team-Building

How To Build an ICO Team

You will require a team behind you to introduce an active ICO to investors. Let’s take a look at a few of the steps to developing an ICO team.

Things to include

Your website and marketing need to add as many details about your ICO group as possible. The details need to consist of the following

  • Names
  • Pictures
  • Social network links (especially LinkedIn).
  • Examples of previous work.

The more info you can provide, the more investors will trust you. They put their cash at stake for your project. However, it’s good to remember that the personal reputation of you and your team is at stake too.

Things to avoid

There is a great deal of bad ICOs out there, and they make a lot of errors. That’s bad news for them, but excellent news for you– because you can gain from their failures.

What investors are scared of

  • Having a team with no track record
  • Lack of any details about the group
  • Lying about who is on the group
  • Listing phony track records
  • Having a large and frequent turnover of staff

Don’t make these mistakes, since investors will flee from your ICO fast. If you desire investors to trust you with their money, they initially need to believe you.

ico team

Who do you need on your ICO team?

Who you need on your ICO team will mainly depend on the nature of your business. However, there are a couple of crucial functions that are vital to most ICOs.

  • CEO/founder to manage the whole ICO.
  • CTO/founder to come up with the concepts.
  • CFO to handle the financial resources.
  • COO to manage daily operations.
  • Programmers to develop the code.
  • Quality control to test the code.
  • Designers to make everything appearance nice.
  • Online marketers to handle PR, social media, email advertising, etc
  • Advisers to direct the job with their experience.

Having certified and qualified individuals in all these roles will be a large part of your success. An ICO is a start-up business, and it’s only as high as individuals who work for it.

Where do you find an ICO team?

Where can you find people to join your group? This can be a difficulty if you’re not currently part of the crypto community. Fortunately, there’s always the Internet. You could attempt messaging candidates straight on LinkedIn, or you could post a job ad on Upwork and find skilled freelancers.

How do you find a board of advisers?

Advisers are individuals with an outstanding track record and experience you can benefit from. The board of advisers is an external group of entrepreneurs, specialists, influencers, and other individuals who can assist your ICO with advice.

You can find advisors in the same way as seeing the core team. Some people you attempt to recruit for the group may end up becoming consultants later. You should try to persuade as numerous prominent and skilled people as possible with your ICO idea. A good board of advisers can make or break your work, operations, and marketing.

ico team

Places to look for an ICO team

Here is a list of online forums and sites where you can discover possible ICO staff members:

  1. ICO Bench.
  2. ICO Drops.
  3. Ambisafe.
  4. Bitcoin Forum.
  5. Coinschedule.
  6. CryptoCompare.
  7. ICO Now.
  8. ICO Ranker.
  9. List ICO.
  10. Token Market.
  11. ICO Rating.
  12. ICO Tracker.

Sign up with different conversations and discover who does what. As you are familiar with people, you will begin to find some great candidates for your ICO group.