How To Get Listed On Crypto Exchanges

Why do cryptocurrency exchanges matter?

Having your token on exchanges will open up the doors to more users and investors. As an example of how vital getting listed on exchanges can be, consider that the value of Bitcoin Cash doubled within 24 hours of being listed on Coinbase and GDAX (now Coinbase Pro).

ICO listing sites

Getting your ICO noted on an exchange is everything about reliability. The process is comparable to getting listed on ICO listing websites. However, it might be more complex. Now is the time if you have not currently done it throughout the marketing stage. Start with the top 10 sites:

ico exchanges

How to get your ICO token noted on exchanges

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges on the marketplace, so where do you begin? If you haven’t read our guides to cryptocurrency exchanges, then here are a few top options:

Requirements for getting listed on exchanges

You will come across different requirements depending on which exchange you attempt your luck with. Exchanges will be interested in the quality of your ICO project, and the software application that underpins it. Most exchanges will not list security tokens.

Crypto exchange listing fees

In case you were wondering if this would cost you cash, then the response is yes. Cryptocurrency exchanges will charge you a charge to list your ICO token. The bigger and more popular the exchange is, the more loan you can expect to part with. Some will charge as much as $1,000,000 in Bitcoin tokens to note your token. When you’ve submitted your token for examination, you can likewise expect to wait for a while.

ico exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange listing services

Particular agencies, like Blockchain App Factory and Coinist, offer services to get your token noted on exchanges. These agencies can take a great deal of the trouble for you, but you will require to pay them. Their payment is in addition to the listing fee– so remember to the aspect that into the budget plan. Even if you employ an exchange listing company, it does not ensure success. As you can see from their websites, success rates vary from 20-100% depending on the exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange listing list

To sum up, you will need to prepare the following to get your token noted on cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Personal and company information
  • Token name, ticker, logo design, and description
  • Blockchain platform
  • ICO launch date
  • Technical specifications
  • Github link
  • Listing cost

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