IBM Is Now Offering Its Blockchain Development Services To AWS And Cloud Clients

Amazon Web Service (AWS) and IBM Technologies are business partners. The AWS is an internet solution to Amazon clients that seek to develop innovative ways of managing data for business development.

One of AWS services is Blockchain solutions to clients who wish to migrate their platforms from web-based websites to Blockchain platforms. Hence, the new deal will be ideal for users who wish to have a cloud develop Blockchain networks as an alternative to cloud-based data management measures.

IBM Is Establishing Its Presence In Blockchain Enterprise Market


According to an official announcement, the IBM Blockchain Platform has been upgraded with a perfect a bunch of improvements to widen the scope of how it can enable AWS clients to develop cutting-edge Blockchain software for their needs. This includes the addition of a suite of developer tools that are capable of building distributed ledger technology network solutions.

The participation of IBM in Blockchain development will mean that many of these new platforms will be powered by IBM, a factor that is not only crucial for technological efficiency but also for seamless support. IBM has a proven track record in developing hardware and software solution for various needs ranging from computing, telematics, internet of things, cloud computing, etc.

IBM Blockchain Platform Is Targeting Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an internet service that entails sharing pools of computer resources that are configured to offer data hosting. The service is crucial for higher-level data that may need to be stored on an internet host away from hardware sources that may pose security risks if an unauthorized access is successful. The benefits of cloud computing are in the economies of scale and achievement of coherence in data management. The service also demands minimal monitoring as it is safe. A cloud is can be likened to a public utility.

Amazon Web Services offer cloud services for individuals and businesses that seek to store their data in a secure cloud. From now onwards, AWS clients wishing to transfer their data to a Blockchain will have a direct linkage to develop their customized Blockchain platform on the IBM network and be able to link the two ecosystems.

IBM is on a mission to ensure that a Blockchain technology is within the reach of a wide range of users and tapping into Jeff Bezo’s clientele is a step in the right direction.

Additionally, IBM VP Jerry Cuomo referred to Blockchain technology as the ‘power of anywhere’ and a solution to clients wanting to deploy distributed peers on Amazon’s Web Service cloud. There is a promo video of the new Blockchain suite that is offering $500 in credit to anyone trying the demo.

IBM Is Now Offering Its Blockchain Development Services To AWS And Cloud ClientsBig Technology Companies Are Positioning Themselves In The Blockchain Market

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have cloud solutions for Blockchain development that are similar to the IBM service. This means that the competition in Blockchain cloud service has been taken a notch higher and more is yet to come.

IBM is also creating a directory of Blockchain networks that is deemed to be the ‘yellow pages’ of DLT.

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