Humancoin: The Coin that is Set to Herald a New Era for Charity

What is Humancoin?

Human Coin is an ICO that is geared towards the charity industry. Humancoin’s aim is to be the kindness token. Humancoin combines the blockchain, charity, and ecommerce industries to create a charitable donation platform that makes giving extremely easy and transparent. The benefit of Humancoin is that people can use it to make trackable donations without requiring third parties such as law firms, banks, NGOs, and government agencies. In other words, Humancoin makes it significantly easier for people to give to charity and to see where their donations are going

The Token

Token Name: Humancoin

One Humancoin = $.01

Minimum Purchase = .1 Eth

Amount of Tokens Available for Purchase: 3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins 

Presale Date: July 1rst – August 15th

Main Sale Date: September 15th – November 1rst

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How it Works

People who want to donate money to various causes and people around the world buy Humancoins with Ethereum. Then, they can select the party they want to send their Humancoins to. Next, they send a specified amount of Humancoins. All of their donations are trackable. People who make donations can also get receipts, which they can use for their tax deductions. People who receive Humancoins can easily trade them in for bonuses, miles, coupons, points, and other things. So, the end result is that Humancoin is an extremely convenient way for people to give to charity, and for people who need help to get help.


Why Humancoin?

Humancoin leverages the power and the speed of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to make charitable giving across borders easier and faster than it’s ever been. Humancoin cuts out all of the middlemen who frequently slow down the process of charitable giving. It also allows donors to see exactly where there donation went, which is desirable for many philanthropists and charitable donators. Further, because Humancoin has so many ecommerce partners, it is very easy for people who receive humancoins to easily redeem them for things that they actually need.

Some of Humancoin’s partners include Airbnb, Amazon,, OKEX, Expedia, Alibaba, Zynga, Skyteam, and Expedia. So, between all of these companies, there are many, many things that can be purchased with Humancoin. A lot of high profile companies are willing to partner with Humancoin because of the strong humanitarian value that Humancoin provides. This helps Humancoin to grow and expand.

The fact that Humancoin also solves the trust problem with charitable giving also has the potential to make people feel significantly more enthusiastic about giving to charity. So, Humancoin has the potential to increase the amount of charitable donations that are given around the world.

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