HTC Presented New Blockchain Smartphone, Will Ebay Enable Crypto Payments? & more

HTC Presented New Blockchain Smartphone

HTC has announced the release of a new blockchain smartphone. Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer (DCO) of HTC, has presented it last Saturday on the Magical Crypto Conference in New York. A new feature of the successor of the EXODUS 1 is that it will be able to run a Bitcoin full node. Chen further explained that the smartphone will be cheaper and more user-friendly than its predecessor. The release of the smartphone will fall into the third quarter of 2019.

Will Ebay Enable Payments in Crypto?

Ebay advertised during the Consensus fare in New York with a banner that started rumours about the e-commerce platform accepting crypto payments soon. The banner reads “Virtual Currency. It’s happening on Ebay.” So in some form cryptocurrencies will play a role on Ebay in the future. But as Ebay has not given any official statement yet, we will just have to wait.

Bitpanda: Trade Gold and Silver on Exchange

Bitpanda enables trading gold and silver on its exchange. However, not in the form of a coin or token but classically in property rights for physical gold. Two enterprises help facilitate Bitpanda’s offer. The Swiss company Pro Aurum and the German company Philoro. These two companies store the gold for Bitpanda and its customers. The Austrian exchange already has over a million registered clients on its website. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the Bitpanda’s CEO Eric Demuth has declared the ambitious goal of becoming the largest gold merchant of Austria within next year.

Why Bitcoin Price Suddenly Surged to $7K+

The global cryptocurrency market sprang back to life with the price of bitcoin surging to above $7K high. Wise crypto investors who invested in the cryptocurrency when the price dropped to below 3K are not celebrating huge profits. To people who have been observing the trends and charts, this should not come as a surprise. The leading cryptocurrency market value jumped from $1000 to $5080 in less than one hour early this month, April 2019.

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