How the Cryptocurrency World is Affected By The Latest Coronavirus Update

Since the original outbreak in December 2019, Coronavirus update is mainstream news for people around the world. Each day cases reported, linked deaths and recoveries flood the Internet and television, describing all the details of the pandemic. It would be hard to remember a day when the news wasn’t saturated with a new Coronavirus update.

The Current Coronavirus Update of Cases Worldwide

With any pandemic, it can be quite overwhelming to sort through the details and how it may affect each area. At the time of writing, the current Coronavirus update shows:
• 1,652,652 affected cases
• 100,371 linked deaths
• 369,937 recovered cases

With the United States topping the number of affected cases at 478,366, there is a direct impact on many industries. From airlines and hospitality industries to the financial market, the trickle-down effect is seen all around the world.

Cryptocurrency News During the Current Pandemic

The cryptocurrency world is just one of the many industries affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic. The financial sector, including digital currencies, is significantly impacted when the world economy is affected by significant changes. Coronavirus updates are abundant in market news to help give investors a glimpse of the future of their investments.

But it may not be as bleak as one may first think. As world industries struggle in the economy, digital currencies seem to have the ability to regulate despite this. Although prices for many digital tokens have fallen since the first reported case, the market is holding its own. Despite the Coronavirus updates that come each day, some digital currency prices continue to increase in value. These market movements give investors hope for a positive future as the market rebounds.

Who Is Helping Industries During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

There are many Coronavirus updates in the news lately about who is helping industries around the world during this pandemic. From local governments aiding their citizens to private leaders sinking money into industries, the amount of generosity is abundant. Some of the more significant support measures lately include:
• Square Founder and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently invested $1 billion worth of his Square shares to help fund Coronavirus relief with Start Small LLC.
• MGM Resorts pledged $1 million into a disaster relief for employee’s emergency fund, along with investing in local food banks.
• Fashion designer Christian Siriano’s sewing team is creating masks for healthcare workers.
• Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple is donating millions of masks to healthcare workers around the US and Europe.
• Amazon offered $5 million to local businesses around its Seattle headquarters that are affected financially from the pandemic.
• Creation of the COVID-19 Response fund with involvement from Microsoft and Amazon have generated millions towards helping those affected.

How the Cryptocurrency World Will Fare Long-Term

There are many crypto enthusiasts that can give insight into how the financial industry will fare during these uncertain times. Many of these predictions during the constant Coronavirus update is all based on past historical economic downturns. By examining past financial market trends, it’s easier to make accurate predictions of how the cryptocurrency world will rebound. As time passes, many feel cryptocurrency will recover significantly well and begin a new chapter in the digital currency industry.