How Bitcoin Helped Set Up Bahmanyar Career In Satirical Rap

Coindaddy is his stage name and rap is his musical genre. Meet alumnus Arya Bahmanyar, a rap artist so much obsessed with bitcoin, he makes songs about it.

With his flashy coat and a B chain wrapped around his neck, you would never guess Coindaddy has a degree in international business. It was in 2012 when he graduated and a year later, he invested all his savings in the trade.

When It Started

His obsession began back in 2013, bitcoin was selling as low as 72 dollars per coin. Five years later, the same coin is now worth several thousand. You can easily understand his obsession at the level of him making music about it. But it didn’t start well for him

At that time, he was near broke. In an interview with the Hatchet, Coindaddy confesses to having started off poor and going all in the trade with everything he had. Of course, he had no idea how popular and lucrative crypto trade would become. A few years later, he realizes that it was probably the best decision he has ever made in his life.

He affirms that the journey has not always been easy. It was met with ups and downs. But as the going got tough, he found solace in music and today, he expresses his successes and frustrations through rap.

Songs About Cryptocurrency

One peculiar jam, his first actually, is a meditation tape with the title “affirmations for a better trade vol 1”. He discloses that after a tough trading day, he decided to download music software off the Internet and make a meditation tape for his friends. After receiving positive reviews and thousands of views on YouTube, his rap career commenced.

Just like he handles Cryptocurrency, Bahmanyar uses free tracks on the Internet to make music. He doesn’t see the need of him doing to the studio. In his songs, he talks about alcohol and sex but on the frame of bitcoin.
One of Coindaddy’s songs and perhaps the most popular is ‘Charlie’, a parody of Eminem’s song “Stan” where he raps about Litecoin. And if you are wondering, yes, the Charlie he references is Litecoin’s founder.

His Fans

Coindaddy admits that his target audiences are crypto traders, that’s why most of his references are about the trade. It may be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with Cryptocurrency but if you are, you will be marveled at the level of creativity in his songs.

One of his latest songs is tales from blockchain. The song features trap beats and woozy bass drone with lyrics about luxuries in excess money.

The chorus goes like “ICO keep your holdings on my Blockchain”. And in one of his verses, he continues ”I play this game like a sport, sick gains and then off to resorts”. The song is not only poetic and rhythmical but also mirrors the lifestyle of early crypto investors.

When he’s not Coindaddy, you will find Bahmanyar in conferences talking of the Cryptocurrency system and its benefits in seminars.

He hopes of drawing more people into Cryptocurrency and one day, his rap career would replicate his success in Cryptocurrency.