Hot Topics in Cryptocurrency News This Week

This week in cryptocurrency news has been stirring with movement from Bitcoin, John McAfee, and India’s involvement with digital currency.Cryptocurrency news has been reporting quite the slump with Bitcoin prices lately, falling to $8,835.73 in May. And while investors were getting nervous about the extended dip in prices, Bitcoin is beginning to move upwards once again. Fluctuations in market prices are to be expected, but Bitcoin enthusiasts are optimistic that significant lows are now behind them.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price is at $9,431.379 USD, with investors hopeful of breaking the $9,500 mark soon. The infamous $10k benchmark has been on every crypto enthusiasts’ mind this year after the 3rd halving event. The hope is that if Bitcoin can break above $10,000, it can remain there and continue on further.

John McAfee in Cryptocurrency News Once Again

McAfee recently announced a new product launch known as the Ghost Cell Phone Data Service, which follows his Ghost cryptocurrency. His proof-of-stake privacy coin and cell phone data service are aiming to give users the privacy they are entitled to.

McAfee describes his new Ghost label as a brand to encompass practical tools for users to protect rights and privacy. The Ghost cryptocurrency will be available for private transactions on the Ghost Exchange platform.

India’s Involvement in Cryptocurrency

India has made a huge step in the cryptocurrency news world with an available trading solution for users. Tata Consulting Services (TCS), is launching a product known as Quartz to aid banking institutions offer crypto services to clients. This well-known IT company belongs to India’s largest multinational business group and aims to bring cryptocurrency options to more individuals.

India has seen a recent cryptocurrency market boom and has been dealing with territorial regulations for some time. As this country begins to enforce cryptocurrency laws, many residents are investing in digital currency for a sound investment.

Monex to List Cryptocurrency CFD in Japan

Cryptocurrency news in Japan has been focusing on Monex Securities lately. This online securities company has recently launched a cryptocurrency CFD service (Contract-For-Difference). The first one in Japan, Monex intends to bring CFD services to Bitcoin/yen, Bitcoin Cash/yen, Ether/yen, and XRP/yen trading pairs.

The Monex Group, the parent company of Monex Securities, runs Coincheck, one of Japan’s biggest online cryptocurrency exchange platform. More digital tokens could be added to CFD services later, depending on demand, risks, and price, along with other factors.


Protecting Your Digital Investments

With cryptocurrency news repeatedly reporting crypto scams and fraudulent activities, protecting your digital investments is important for any investor. As the number of investors in digital currency increases, so does the number of criminals who want your investments. There are many ways to ensure you are protected while dealing with exchange platforms for digital currency.

One of the best ways to ensure your digital investments are safe is to use a hardware wallet. The benefits of this type of wallet are superior to an online digital wallet that can be vulnerable to attacks. One disadvantage is the transaction speed of hardware wallets, but for many investors, it outweighs the risks.

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