HitBTC Exchange

The best description that fits this exchange platform would be a multifaceted virtual currency exchange that supports close to 200 tradable digital coins. These include tokens, Cryptocurrencies, as well as other initial coin offerings. Having been started in 2013, HitBTC takes care of an international user base and currently has a venture capital funding that is estimated at EUR 6 million.

From the time HitBTC began its operations in 2013, this virtual currency exchange has continued to add new tools and currencies to its main platform. This includes an Initial Coin Offering feature that enables the addition of tokens to its main platform.


The Fees & Charges for HitBTC Exchange

It is entirely free to create a general account and begin trading. For depositing virtual currencies on this platform, users will be required to pay no limits or fees. However, those who are depositing fiat currencies will have to pay a certain fee based on the currency that is being used as well as the size of the deposit. It is also vital to remember that relatively low fees would be charged by the platform on various trades.

For immediate transactions, customers will incur an executive fee of 0.1%, while 0.01% rebate will be granted to those who are undertaking non-immediate transactions.

Apart from the ordinary network fee for a particular currency, withdrawing virtual currencies from HitBTC is entirely free. Withdrawing fiat from the platform also does not charge any kind of fees, but again based on the type of currency and the amount the customer is transacting.

Trading on HitBTC Once an account has been created; customers would be able to begin trading on HitBTC immediately. There is no kind of account verification that is needed to trade on Ether, Bitcoin or any other digital coin that is supported by the exchange platform. Here are the three main ways in which customers can trade on HitBTC.



– When a customer already owns certain BTC or any other supported virtual coin, they can just deposit funds into the right wallet on HitBTC exchange by clicking on the button labeled, “Deposit”.



– This is another way in which customers can trade in HitBTC. Once the customers have funds in their account and want to start trading, they should visit the tab labeled “Exchange”. This tab enables the customers to not only purchase but also sell the virtual coins. They would also be able to view orders, charts and even chat with other traders through another platform known as trollbox.


Order Types

– There is a certain breed of users who might want to utilize the stop and limit options as well as extra order types whenever they are transacting businesses on this exchange. The good thing about HitBTC is that it supports different orders including good-til-canceled, market, good-til-date/time, fill-or-kill, immediate-or-cancel, and day.


HitBTC is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing the best Cryptocurrency exchange. With low fees and high liquidity, it is one of the best choices that traders might think. It also supports fiat withdrawals and deposits.