Here is the First Crypto Wallet Application

Huawei, a well-recognized smartphone manufacturer and telecommunication firm based in China has announced that it would be offering the first Cryptocurrency wallet application.

Partnering with

This Chinese telecommunication leader has announced that it would work together with to create this planned mobile crypto app. The app would be made available on the new app store that Huawei unveiled recently. The main work of is to track the mining of virtual coins and block the information needed in this process. This site that belongs to Bitmain, a senior crypto mining company also offers online wallet services to its users.

According to Alejandro de la Torre, the vice president in charge of business operations in the site, the new wallet app will be among the apps found in AppGallery, the preprimary app store that Huawei launched two months ago (March 2018).

Good Efforts by Huawei

At the moment, this proprietary application by Huawei is only available through a pre-install for the customers who are using the most recently launched Huawei smartphones and other devices. However, the company has plans of rolling this service to other users of the older Huawei version, and that will take place in the second quarter of the year.

It is evidently clear how Huawei is trying all it could to boost the operations of the digital coin. While the move is commendable, there is still much this smartphone maker can do to spread of Cryptocurrency. The creation of this new app is an effort of availing the digital coin services to a wider customer base.

While commenting on the matter, the vice president of Huawei Mobile Services, Dr. Jaime Gonzalo noted that human understanding on matters to do with digital finance and economy has been greatly expanded by the introduction of Cryptocurrency. It is his hope that worldwide growth in the adoption of the virtual currencies will be witnessed in the near future.

More Projects for the Blockchain Development

Huawei is not only focused on making Cryptocurrency available to its users, it also focused on increasing its effort to the development of Blockchain network. Just barely a month, Huawei unveiled its blockchain-as-a-service platform.

This platform is strongly built on a technology known as Hyberledger Fabric 1.0 that was created by the Hyberledger Blockchain consortium of the Linux Foundation. Huawei has been a member of this body of this body for over two years.

Since the inception of this Blockchain operation, it has been able to bring together more than a hundred top business sponsors in this market. It has also seen a high number of integrations and partnerships than most projects.

Keeping Ahead of the Game

Huawei has been very keen on keeping up paces with senior sector leaders in the Chinese telecommunication market such as and Tencent, all which have joined the Blockchain market. Having been a senior member of the Caliper since it was launched in 2017, this Chinese phone conglomerate is one of the core sponsors of Hyperledger.