Is Changing the Firearms Industry

Around the world, is the place to visit for those wanting to purchase firearms and accessories. Set up as an online auction site for 3rd party sellers, is the safer way to find these listings. By following all state and federal government regulations, users are sure to know they are purchasing items legally and efficiently.

Recently in 2019, introduced a new currency coin called the FreedomCoin as a secure payment method for its website. Because of this addition, transactions are now much smoother and effortless for users all around the world. Reporting at over 4.7 million customers each year with a total of $600 million in transactions, GunBroker is gaining recognition.

How Easy Is’s FreedomCoin To Use?

The FreedomCoin is pegged to the U.S. dollar as a Stablecoin and can be stored in the digital wallet, bespoke. By introducing FreedomCoin for, they help users streamline purchases that were harder to process through credit cards and banks. The easier it is for individuals to make online purchases, the more often they will be returning customers.

Previous press releases from ICOx Innovations have announced that the FreedomCoin will be compliant with local laws and regulations. With this in mind, ICOx oversaw the money transmitter regulations as well as Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering laws. Safe and secure transactions are of the utmost importance when dealing with online purchases, especially firearms and accessories.

The Benefits of FreedomCoin

Each digital currency has attributes to make it appealing to users, and FreedomCoin can attest to its benefits.
• Free to sign up
• A transaction fee of a low 1.9% that only the seller pays for, not the buyer
• No purchase fees when buying FreedomCoin
• Anti-Money Laundering protection prevention for users
• Rewards Program Members can earn points and benefits

For those frequent visitors of, FreedomCoin is a more effective way to make online purchases. With a lower transaction fee compared to major credit card companies, buyers and sellers are saving money with each purchase. Using FreedomCoin is more efficient online when compared to previous traditional ways such as money orders and checks.

FreedomCoin Is A Secure and Safe Digital Currency

ICOx Innovations has been known for their hand in helping develop the KodakONE platform and its KodakCoin token. This platform was a successful move for them and Kodak, so they have continued to branch out to The FreedomCoin has now become a widely recognized and available digital currency for online purchases through GunBroker.

Using the popular BitRail’s encrypted platform for all their transactions, FreedomCoin is authenticated through strict verification to ensure safe purchases. When users are confident with the security of personal and financial information, they are inclined to use that digital currency. FreedomCoin gives its users what they are looking for in an effective and safe way to purchase through If you are looking to purchase firearms or accessories online, you can’t go wrong with FreedomCoin. Not only will your purchases be protected, but it’s also an easier way to complete online transactions with less hassle.