Roundup 26/09/2018 – Google allows crypto ads, Squire Mining partners with Samsung

Google will allow ads on cryptocurrencies again – in US and Japan

Google has updated its policies on cryptocurrency and blockchain related ads. As a consequence of this, the tech giant will lift the ban on advertisements featuring these technologies. However, the lift only accounts for the United States and Japan. The official statement says that “[a]dvertisers will need to be certified with Google for the specific country in which their ads will serve. Advertisers will be able to apply for certification once the policy launches in October.” As of now, it remains unclear whether Google will update its handling for the European market as well.

European banks involved in siphoning Angolan welfare fund?

A report by reveals once again the malicious nature of our banking system. Angolan authorities investigated the case of an illegally transferred capital of $500mn USD. The money belonged to a welfare fund intended to finance the economic development in the country. The case involved former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos and his son. Angolan investigators suspect that the HSBC bank helped to siphon the fund. However, the case is not yet closed. Still, the case is just one of many similar cases in Africa that involved European banks.

Squire Mining partners with Samsung to compete with Bitmain

Squire Mining Ltd. an ASIC miner producer that partnered with Coingeek some weeks ago announced that it is partnering with Samsung. Samsung will help the hardware enterprise to produce its new 10nm miners. According to insider information in the industry, Squire Mining is capable of producing miners that outperform Bitmain’s by both hashrate and energy efficiency. Last week, Ebang already presented its own 11-E series of 10nm miners. Ebang’s miners also outperform Bitmain’s new 10nm series. However, the Hong Kong-based company still remains the competitor in the industry. Both Ebang (also based in Hong Kong) and Bitmain will launch their IPO in late 2018. Squire Mining is already publicly traded and based in Vancouver, Canada.