Global Factors Have Forced a Virtual Consensus 2020

Beginning May 11, 2020, the Virtual Consensus 2020 has been made available worldwide free of charge. As in-person gatherings are not permitted currently, it is essential to continue the Consensus safely. A yearly event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the Consensus is a place for like-minded individuals to gather and discuss essential technology.

The Virtual Consensus 2020

Running from May 11, 2020, until May 15, 2020, CoinDesk has arranged this virtual experience to join attendees together online. Aiming for continuity, the Virtual Consensus 2020 is hoping to give participants the same great experience with guest speakers, including:
• Leading economists
• Founders
• Entrepreneurs
• Developers
• Investors
• Visionaries
• Cypherpunks
• Regulators
• Sponsors
• Industry leaders
• Government officials

Without missing a beat, this year’s Consensus continued on as it has since 2015, providing the very best experience. A unique event that helps bring the industry exposure and aids progression is the focus each year.

Virtual Consensus 2020

How Consensus Handled the Virtual Experience

Catering to an online crowd that is diverse with technology, the Virtual Consensus 2020 experience was accepted favorably. Making this year’s event completely free helped join participants worldwide that may not have otherwise been able to attend. Creating meaningful relationships in the digital world is important, as our world becomes more advanced and Consensus aids this goal.

From the comfort of their homes, over 10,000 attendees can participate in more than 100 virtual sessions online. Round-the-clock programming for the 1st day of Virtual Consensus 2020 gives a Live-TV Experience for those registered. Utilizing CoinDesk, YouTube, and Twitter channels, the Consensus is live streamed that consequently coincides with the 3rd Bitcoin halving event.

Important Topics for Discussion

Major events like the Virtual Consensus 2020 will have a list of topics for discussion that are important for participants. The world of cryptocurrency is not just digital tokens, but so much more and will have significant interest for:
• Cryptocurrency
• Blockchain Technology
• Developing
• Enterprise Solutions
• Enthusiasts
• Investing

Live, interactive keynote speakers specializing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, government, entertainment, and academia round out the presentation listing. Workshops that provide technical instruction give participants a live experience and additional networking connections with others through chat or video. Foundation updates are included from over 10 protocols in the industry, giving investors relevant industry insights.

One major keynote speaker discussed the opportunity of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) for consumers. Expressed as a ‘game-changer’, a retail CBDC can give consumers more accessibility for cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Is Virtual the New Future?

No one knows what the future holds, but the Virtual Consensus 2020 has shown it is possible to host online. Several other major events have ended up going virtual due to gathering restrictions from the current global COVID-19 pandemic. But the Coronavirus cannot keep crypto enthusiasts from gathering virtually online to discuss today’s hot topics together.

Many crypto enthusiasts hope that next year’s Consensus will be back in New York to make those face-to-face connections. However, if it isn’t possible in-person for 2021, the Virtual Consensus 2020 has proven that an online event is successful.

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