Get Rich Quick Crypto Scams On The Rise

Bitcoin is back, and so are greedy scammers who are gunning for your wallet. In today’s review we shall try to examine the relationship between legitimate CFD (contract for difference) cryptocurrency trading, and developments in the crypto scam trading environment. There is for all intents and purposes a causal connection between the rise in bitcoin price (BTC US), and online trading in crypto CFDs in general. What does this mean? Stated plainly, when Bitcoin is high there is positive media coverage, and this creates much hype and interest around bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. The exposure gets disseminated across various media channels, and while some of these channels (AKA websites) have your best interest at heart, others are shadier and will use every trick in the book to trick and deceive you if it furthers their financial interest. They do so by promoting scams, and that is (in part) why the internet is considered to be such a dangerous place these days.

Crypto Get Rich Quick Schemes, Riding The Bitcoin Wave of Success
When examining the relationships between a scam and a genuine investment platform such as <Easy Trade App> when has to look at what’s out there and finally understand how easy it is to spot a scam. First, let’s take a look at Bitcoin Profit (AKA bitcoin profit). First, if you notice the sales page the use of words “make millions”

is already a red flag. However, as you dive in further you will see that it doesn’t stop there. The use of fake testimonials and inflated bank accounts is clearly evident and practically screams scam. To top it off, there is also a customer support email that doesn’t work. When you message the staff and try getting some type of response the email bounces and there is no one to answer your questions.

The same is true for the Bitcoin Revolution SCAM. Its also critical to point out that these two schemes have metastasized and evolved to become cloned scams. This means that there are various media agencies and affiliate networks who are battling to get your attention and your dollars. At the end of the day the results are always the same, the promoters get paid and you end up getting ripped off by offshore brokers like GreenFields Capital or Kaya FX. Its all the same, so if you have any qualms or feel a certain sense of unease before you pull out your credit card and invest, it’s with good reason.

There are hundreds of documented cases where opportunity seekers just like you from all walks of life have been baited and gutted by thieving offshore brokers operating in tandem with crafty online marketers while attempting to defraud you and steal your money.

Still, here at we are not judgmental in any way. In fact, quite the opposite is true! We constantly witness cases where university professors, businessmen, and even lawyers get suckered in by all the glamour and glitz Bitcoin has to offer. Alas, not all which glitters is gold and its about time you started asking the hard questions like what is the real ITM ratio, what assets are being traded, how does the trading engine work, and who are the real people behind the software. If you feel you are being shortchanged or alternatively being manipulated or led by the nose, then it’s best you skip the offer and move on before your wallet gets fleeced.

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