Gambling options nowadays – BTC casinos vs Online casinos

Gambling is an incredibly old concept. There are many stages of human history where we could encounter some form of gambling games, bets or other activities. Back in the middle ages, games like baccarat or mahjong enticed participants to wager money. First Casinos were established in Venice, Italy, back in the 17th century. We can safely say that gambling is an integral part of human nature and it’s sometimes simply too much fun to miss out on. Today gamblers have many alternatives to where they’d like to wager and bet. There are entire cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic city that revolve completely around the industry of gambling. There are also tons of online casinos operating with the same principle, but only remotely. But the most interesting solution today is the rising industry of Bitcoin Gambling.

Gamblers’ location is no longer an issue

There is a unique feeling to going to the actual casino in Vegas and having fun, but as much fun as it is, physical gambling is not nearly as convenient and comfortable as online gambling. If we put aside the physical factor, gamblers are left with the 2 easy alternatives: Standard online casinos and Bitcoin Casinos. Both are very accessible, easy and well designed. Both have their strong parts, but the truth is that where standard online gambling sites have their limitation, BTC casinos absolutely thrive.

Limitations of Standard Online casinos

There are several factors in which the standard online casinos are having issues. First and foremost is personal information safety and security. They are bound to the intermediary organizations; Banks, finance providers, governments and so on. Since the third party is involved there is no way to stay anonymous and your activities automatically tie up to your credit and financial history. Aside from that, your financial information is never totally secure, with lots of fraud and theft happening every single day.

The speed is another thing in which standard online casinos are lacking. Since they are tied to banks, casinos depend on them to perform the transactions. These transfers usually take days to complete, making it harder for players to deposit or withdraw their winnings. Aside from that, standard casinos can never absolutely guarantee the fairness of the games, unlike their competitors – BTC Casinos.   

Bitcoin Casinos are superior

To put it simply, Bitcoin Casinos are totally anonymous. They don’t use third party companies to process your payments or withdrawals. So, what is the result? The result is blisteringly fast deposits and withdrawals. Also, total anonymity, because with cryptocurrencies it’s impossible to track personal information. So, not only are you enjoying the lightning speeds and total anonymity, you’re also benefiting by being supremely secure, because it’s almost impossible to break into and hack the blockchain technology. The best Crypto Casinos, like FortuneJack and many others, employ the best technology blockchain has to offer.