FTX, CME, And Okex Fast Tracks The Launch Of This Week’s BTC Options Trading

18th December 2017 was a big day on the futures market. This is the day that Bitcoin Futures market on CME started at the climax in its main value. Nearly two years down the line, the market is now on another avenue. It is rising towards the launch of trading options as well.

Market Bigwigs In The Futures Market

CME has decided to launch the options market on the contract of futures as early as Monday, 13th January 2020. In addition to that, there are a number of other big market bigwigs doing the same. To begin with, the FTX stable has also announced a release.

It has stated that it will do it in less than 24 hours. The main reason for doing this is to capture the main hype of the moment. The CEO of FTX Exchange, SBF made that announcement in a tweet.

More On The Line

It is not only FTX and CME on the race against time. There are others that have also indicated that they would launch futures trading soon. One of them is Okex. The company has announced that it will introduce Okex Options.

It is doing this mainly to compete with its rival, Bakkt. On the 9th of January 2020, the exchange went ahead and released the main product.

In an earlier tweet, Okex stated that they have also donated a total of 150 Bitcoins. It has been donated to the Bitcoin/USD insurance fund to reduce the risk of claw back.

FTX, CME, And Okex Fast Tracks The Launch Of This Week’s BTC Options Trading

Comparing The Options Contracts

There are many in the market who still don’t understand the whole concept of options contracts. To some extent, the options are just similar to the futures market. There is only a difference in the invariability in time of closing the contracts.

This tends to maximize the amount of speculation on the main asset. In 2017, the launch of the regulated futures market indicated a great mark. It marked the end of 2017’s bull run. At the moment, the value is at the climax of another parabolic move.

Both the consolidation and the accumulation periods could, of course, extend. This is based on the active number of traders that are on the market currently.

Arbitrary Effect On Value

The fact is the immediate effect on the asset’s value could be arbitrary. But despite that, the launch of options indicates something. When it is done across a number of platforms as it is now, that means that there is a growth of crypto assets.

Zach Dexter is the latest crypto enthusiast to have re-joined the management team. Zach Dexter is the co-founder of LedgerX Co-founder.

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