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Fresh BTC Upward Trend May Begin In September & More

Fresh BTC Upward trend May Begin In September

Currently, BTC price is trading at close to 4% at its price of $10,030. Market analysts are on the opinion that the selling pressure extension brought by the markets several days ago could make BTC’s price to plummet down to around $7,000. However, it appears this same move could spike another uptrend that will enable this leading digital coin to finish 2019 on a very high note.

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China Should Issue Its Own Libra, Suggests Huawei CEO

The launch of Facebook’s own digital currency put the entire crypto market on the mainstream. So much that for the first time, Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei has come out to speak his mind about the budding market. While speaking to a reporter, the telecommunication company’s head suggested that china should issue its own Libra to counteract the encroachment of entities that may be in league with the government of the US.

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Blockchain In Real Estate

Real estate is another major industry set to join the others in exploring the extremely useful benefits of blockchain. Today, the real estate sector is characterized by cases of fragmented properties, multiple stakeholders, fraud, unclear land titles, opaque system and corruption. Blockchain has multiple use cases that can be used to counter these problems in land management and Real estate.

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