Female Afghan Scholars Benefit From Paxful Academic Scholarships

Three female Afghan female refugees have been awarded scholarship by Paxful. The peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplace gave the grant under its charitable initiative called #BuildWithBitcoin. A Rwandan nursery school that previously benefited from the fund during its construction will also get additional funds.

The Three Afghan Beneficiaries

The applicants for the scholarship program were required to write personal essays. After the rigorous application process, three students were selected. Susan Naseri says she likes engaging in non-profit works and wants to study law. Dunia Azizi loves mathematics and would like to get a degree in the same subject. Farzana Nawabi is pursuing a degree in nursing.

Each of the beneficiaries was given $5,000, half in each semester. The students will be getting these funds annually. The implementation of this program will be under Zam Zam. This non-profit group will ensure the students continue benefiting from the funds until they are through with their studies. The scholarship has come as a blessing as many Afghan refugee students in the US find it challenging to raise the required funds for education.

The three beneficiaries thanked the organization for bestowing them with this great favor. Susan Naseri thanked Paxful and all those who took part in this scholarship program. She said the award was a great honor and privilege. She thanked the Zam Zam Water scholarship for helping her overcome the financial challenge she previously faced in her journey to expand her education and realize her dreams.

The Rwandan Nursery School Project

In 2017, Paxful started to help a Rwandan nursery school through its charitable program, #BuiltWithBitcoin. The company donated $50,000 for the project. The company was happy with the project. It has indicated that it is interested in investing more funds in the facility.

Paxful will upgrade the Rwandan school and provide salaries to the teacher. Educational materials will also be given to enhancing the learning environment further. The students will also benefit from free lunches, uniforms, and books that are fully financed by the company. Besides, the firm will construct a water filtration system that will help in providing water for irrigation.

Activities Of The Other Cryptocurrency Dealers In Africa

Anthem Gold is a Cryptocurrency provider that has also shown interest in investing in Africa. The company recently financed the construction of a 35,000-liter water tank in the country. The firm also provided financial assistance in the cultivation of sustainable community gardens in the tiny central African nation. Their charity work in the country was also characterized by the donation of thirty goats to two villages.

About Paxful Bitcoin Marketplace

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