Fansunite, Enters Into A Partnership With Leicester City

FansUnite and Leicester City FC have signed a partnership deal that will see them work jointly on a number of projects. This deal is expected to cover the current football season of 2018/2019.

FansUnite Is A Leading Blockchain Solution

FansUnite is a Blockchain-based betting platform based in Canada and has been offering sports data services in an ecosystem that consists of a public library of a token economy, a library of smart contracts, and a standardized data structure for events and team information. Since the platform release date in February 2018, the network has proven to be an instrumental solution to sports data organization, analysis, and presentation of information in an ERC20 ecosystem of a decentralized network of oracles.

FansUnite Is A Leading Blockchain Solution

The Details Of The Deal

The partnership will cover a series of Leicester City FC events in a model that benefits both the football club and the blockchain network. This is because the services will contribute to the growth sports betting for the sports data industry which is an important source of income for football clubs not only in the English Premier League (EPL) but in the global sporting industry.

Leicester won the hearts and following of many football enthusiasts in the 2015/16 sports season. This happened when the team won the Premier League title that was largely unforeseen by even the greatest football analysts and forecasters. With a formidable fan base and a high likelihood to pull a shocker, it is then necessary for there to be a cutting-edge platform that offers sport betting solutions.

The initial step will be about the promotion and the selling of the idea to the millions of Leicester fans all over the UK. FansUnite will launch promotions at the main Leicester fans meeting point-the Arena King Power Stadium. This initiative will enable fans to partake and win contests, to meet their favorite team players, win surprise giveaways and earn many other prizes. The promotions will also be undertaken across England as per the team’s performance venue.

The blockchain-based betting platform will be rolled out in the course of the year and it will see to it that fans get lower betting fees and higher payouts.

Both Parties Are Delighted About The Deal

Leicester City Commercial Director, Jonathan Gregory, has exuded confidence that FansUnite will be beneficial to the team since it is an “innovative brand on a mission to bring collaboration and transparency to the industry.”

On the FansUnite part, the CEO Darius Eghdami has shown confidence that the partnership will improve fan engagement and player performance. He terms Leicester “one of the premier brands all over the football world.” According to him, the task ahead is easy since Leicester City FC is one of the six clubs in England to have scooped the Premier League Trophy in it’s over a quarter a century of existence. The incorporation of the new technology in sports betting and sporting data will, without doubt, propel the team to stardom.

The FansUnite and Leicester City deal is not the first of a kind deal in England. Wolverhampton signed a similar deal with a Cyprus based blockchain firm, CoinDeal.