Facebook Sells GlobalCoin Nodes to Big Players, Binance Closes Service In US & more

Binance Closes Its Service To US Customers

Binance will block US customers from using its exchange. This will go into effect from September on. Two weeks prior, Binance DEX already announced that it will exclude customers from the US and 28 other countries from July on. It is likely that Binance made this decision in light of Bittrex and Bitfinex being charged for unlawfully servicing customers from New York and other areas. Binance’s volume currently is made up by about 15% from funds from the US.

Facebook Sells Nodes to Big Players

Of the 100 nodes of Globalcoin that Facebook is offering to investors a dozen have already been taken. The buyers are prominent: Uber, Visa, Booking.com & Paypal. Such big names are likely to attract more investors. If you would like to invest in of the nodes to, you will likely have to hurry up – and put a lot of money on the table. One node sells for $10 million.

Bakkt Futures Testing Will Start 22nd July

Bakkt will launch its futures trading this year. Therefore, the testing of its platform will start on the 22nd of July. There are already alternative brokers and exchanges that offer alternatives to Futures trading. But Bakkt futures are deemed to become the ‘real thing’. Therefore, its much awaited in the crypto space and the hopes are big that Bakkt will trigger another bullrun.


Bitcoin Close To Breakout?

The 8000 level has been contested now for several weeks. The price of Bitcoin is likely moving close to a breakout level now. Well above the $8000 level around $8400 – $8500 is a bullish sign for the price of Bitcoin. A breakout becomes likely then. However, if Bitcoin fails at this level further sidewards movement or a selloff could very well happen as well.

Bitsa Crypto Card Is Allowing Europeans To Shop With Cryptos

The Bitsa Card from Bitnovo is a Visa prepaid card that is versatile to suit the needs of the current payment preferences that are both traditional-based and to a smaller but growing extent, Crypto powered. Hence, Bitsa is set to cater to the surging demand from Cryptocurrency users. On the other hand, the card is also best-timed for businesses as it can enable them to accept Crypto payments that are hassle-free, valuable, and safe.

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