Expansion Plan? Cobo Vault Unveils A Crypto Wallet With In-Built PoS Mining Rewards

Cobo Vault is a Chinese Blockchain firm that provides Crypto wallet services. Its services are unique as its Crypto wallets have in-built proof-of-stake mining rewards that come with bank-grade security and military grade hardware.

Cobo Vault Has A Winning Strategy

cobo vault

There is an ever-increasing number of Cryptocurrency wallets that are available for investors. This makes it harder for startup Blockchain firms to enter the market or at least stay afloat.

Cobo Vault is working towards taking the competition for Crypto wallet services to a new high level. To achieve uniqueness, the developers are focusing on developing solutions to tackle increasing cases of security breaches. The solution to this problem would entail addressing the growing concerns by Cryptocurrency investors about security risks in the unregulated space.

Further, the participation of Cobo Vault will ensure that there is a surge in the supply of quality Crypto wallets to meet the increasing demands of secure Crypto wallets as prompted by the growing community of Cryptocurrency holders.

Details Of The Crypto Wallet

Cobo Vault wallet has three unique features. These are the military style hardware, in-built proof of stake mining rewards and a ban grade security vault system.

The best aspect of the Wallet is the in-built proof of stake mining rewards. Forbes analysts believe that this is the selling point for Cobo Vault wallet. In definition, a PoS is a common Blockchain protocol that validates and authorizes on-platform transactions to enable Blockchain peers to transact transactions that are acceptable by the ecosystem. The PoS is responsible for assigning tokens to Blockchain users who mine in the network.

posHence, the in-built PoS mining reward will simplify the transactions that involve the mining of Cryptocurrencies by simplifying the process of validating Blockchains or master nodes. This aspect will enable all users to get more tokens and to expand their wealth of Digital Assets. Most interestingly, there would be no need by users to completely leave their wallets when they are mining for tokens in their preferred Blockchain platforms.

The in-built proof of stake mining reward feature has versatile capabilities. It can be used to store both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake tokens.

Secondly, the wallet has military style hardware that meets the MIL-STD-810G US military standards. Further, the wallet scores high on the IP68 waterproof rating. This means that the features are ultratough.

Additionally, Cobo Vault wallets have bank-grade encryption chip features that secure them from hackers and cybercriminals. It also ensures that the network has appropriate firmware for maximum security and durability.

Cobo Vault Has Already Raised $13 Million To Fund Expansion

With a state-of-the-art Crypto wallet in place, the next step for Cobo Vault is to roll out the availability of the services to strategic locations in an international expansion effort. For this course, Cobo Vault raised $13 million through the help of a California-based venture capital fund – Digital Horizon Capital, and a Chinese firm – Wu Capital. The two firms are experts in fundraising for technology-based firms according to a TechCrunch report. Cobo Vault plans to initialize the expansion by expanding to the US, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Currently, the Digital Wallet has over 500,000 users and projections are promising.