Europol Stops Bitcoin Mixer, Bitcoin Price: Continue Watching Lows & more

Europol Stops Bitcoin Mixer

The Dutch Fiscal and Financial Investigation Service (FIOD) has seized the Bitcoin Mixer The FIOD has monitored the website for more than a year now. The order to seize the website came from Europol. According to Europol, money launderers use the service predominantly. The volume for the tumbler servce is cited as roughly $200 million. It is the first time in Europe that the state acts against a tumble service in Europe.

Bitcoin: Continue Watching Lows

We said in our last technical analysis that we need to keep watching the lows in the market. While it looked for a long time that Bitcoin is forming higher lows, the price of Bitcoin has plunged in the last 12 hours. The price of Bitcoin sits currently at aroun $7,600. If Bitcoin recovers once again from here, we have indeed a higher low and a strong signal for the continuation of the bull market.

Bitcoin Fans To Know About The VanEck Bitcoin ETF In 35 Days, Says SEC

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is once again postponing its verdict delivery on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF. The news has triggered mixed reactions as some experts were foreseeing a rejection which is a worse outcome than a delay, while a few Crypto enthusiasts were betting on the Bitcoin ETF getting an SEC greenlight. The Federal Agency said on Monday, May 20, 2019, that the commissioners need 35 more days of factfinding to before making the final decision.

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Tether Invested Funds in Bitcoin – Could Bitcoin Crash?

Tether admitted in court to have invested part of its funds in Bitcoin. The Block has received a transcript of the court hearings. Bitfinex’s attorney defended Tether by saying that it was only a small amount. However, the true scale of this misappropiation remains unknown for now. Is the price of Bitcoin in danger of breaking down in case of Tether’s possible demise?

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55K Brazilians scammed out $200M+ Worth of Fake Cryptocurrency

Over the last couple of years, the number of cryptocurrency scams has increased tremendously. One such scam that is still active is the Bitcoin Revolution. The Brazilian cryptocurrency cartel used a similar strategy to the one used by Bitcoin Revolution to lure in unsuspecting investors who wanted to make quick money from the crypto industry. Reports indicate that the cartel managed to successful get authorization from Central Bank of Brazil to run a financial institution but they did not the required credentials. The scammers claimed to be offering crypto investments that were capable of generating up to 15% ROI.

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