Ethereum: Two New Features Approved For Istanbul Hard Fork & more

Ethereum: Two New Features Approved For Istanbul Hard Fork

Ethereum’s protocol stands before a large update. On the road to Ethereum 2.0 the Istanbul hard fork is the next step. Now, two new features have been approved to find implementation in the hard fork: EIP 2024 & EIP 1702. EIP 2024 is an update to Ethereum’s virtual machine that changes the way data is precompiled in it. It makes data procession faster and more effective. It relies on the integration of a new hash function called ‘Blake 2’ that is already implemented in Zcash. EIP 1702 on the other hand, focuses on smart contracts of Ethereum. It will allow to run different virtual machines for contracts that were created at different times. This will allow to bring applications on Ethereum to the next level.

Why You Should Be Against Facebook’s Libra Coin

Everything that Bitcoin stands for is what Facebook’s Libra coin is not. It is not permissionless, it is not decentralized, it is not censorship-resistant. It stands precisely for the opposite. But there are more reasons why you should be against Libra. Libra opens the door to a dystopia in which we already have set foot.

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BTC/USD Surpass $12,000 As Bulls Gather Momentum

Coinmarketcap data shows that BTC/USD pair has hit another milestone by trading above $12,200 as at Wednesday 26th June 06: 59 UTC. This is a gain of approximately 10% in the last 24 hours as Bitcoin was trading at around $11,307.69 on Tuesday, June 25 5:30 a.m. Hong Kong/Singapore time. Hence, Bitcoin has gained 180% in 2019 and the week seems to be headed for a major upswing as the weekly bull cycle gathers momentum due to events in and outside the Crypto economy.

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US Auditing Standard Board Plans To Adopt Blockchain Technology, AI And Data Analytics

The United States is about to integrate futuristic technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Data Analytics to auditing techniques and practice.
The use-case that the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), through its integral part- the Auditing Standards Board (ASB), is targeting is the Audit Evidence Statement functionality and the agency intends to develop a fully-fledged platform that is anchored on the three technologies. The adoption of Blockchain, AI, and Data Analytics will modernize the auditing process and enable auditors to work in a transparent data-driven environment with few errors and omissions.

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