EOS: Block.one Buys Voice.com in 5th Most Expensive Domain Deal & more

EOS: Block.one Buys Voice.com in 5th Most Expensive Domain Deal

Block.one, the company behind the platform EOS, has invested 30 million USD for the domain name Voice.com. The company is currently developing a social media platform with the name Voice. MicroStrategy, a software producer and domain provider, has confirmed that it sold the domain to Block.one. GoDaddy facilitated the deal on the 30th of May 2019. The deal is now the 5th most expensive domain deal in the history of the internet.

CZ: BNB Might Not Be Listed On Binance.US

In a livestream on Twitter yester Changpeng Zhao (CZ), founder and CEO of Binance, has announced that he is not sure whether Binance’s native token (BNB) will be listed on Binance.US. The exchange was created in a partnership with BAM trading services in reaction to the ever more strict regulation in the USA. The same regulations could make it uncertain whether BNB will be listed on Binance.US. As is typical for native tokens on their exchange holding BNB gives a trader the opportunity to pay the trading fees in BNB with a discount of 50%.

Multi-Currency Backed? – These Are the Problems that Facebook’s Libra Coin Will Face

The impact of Facebook’s GlobalCoin on the crypto space is widely regarded to become a positive one. First of all, because it will bring new people to the crypto space that had previously barely any exposure to the subject. Many observers deem that Facebook’s GlobalCoin will be some kind of ‘entry drug’ to those people. Especially, countries that have a poor infrastructure could profit from a stablecoin that will supposedly have a wide reach and comes from an established and trusted entity. However, as a multi-currency backed cryptocurrency, Libra will face many problems as well.

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Buying Bitcoin in 2019? – What You Need to Know

With breaking the $6.000 level, Bitcoin left the recent bear market which the media called the “crypto winter”. At around 3500 Bitcoin has formed a bottom for now. This is about where the 200 weekly MA was. A trend line that is important for institutinal investors. Since that time, Bitcoin’s price has almost tripled and recent price action indicates that there could be still more gas in the tank for Bitcoin. However, there has not been a major retracement so far. The risk of Bitcoin crashing down again should still be considered.

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