Envion Mobile Mining Unit

What Makes Envion Stand Out?

When we talk about Envion, we are talking about the first MMU (Mobile Mining Unit) with the ability to tap electricity directly from the source. That’s right; I’m talking about solar, hydro, wind and fossil power plants from anywhere on the planet

It uses the local low priced energy to mine a variety of Cryptocurrencies, but why is it different? Well, it not only harvests clean energy that is locally available and function at a low cost, but it also reduces the CO2 trail. This feature makes competitors harder to keep up with Envion.

Envion Self Expanding MiningWhat Is Envion In The First Place?

Envion is an ICO that acclaims itself as the future of smart decentralization of Blockchains. The objective of Envion is to create a highly profitable and standard crypto infrastructure inform of shipping containers. Because of the need to minimize the cost of energy, the Envion platform has come up with a way to deliver the containers directly to energy sources.

The end product is an extremely mobile mining solution in a standardized CSC container. It’s well equipped with the mining hardware, remote control capabilities, communication and 4.0 automated features with an incredible cooling system. It is also plug and plays and ready for deployment worldwide and facilitates a clean and cheap energy mix whenever and wherever available.

How Does Envion Work?

What Envion does is deploying rigs in CSC containers. With the availability of their low cost and efficient hardware, these mining units promise to be indefinitely scalable. The containers themselves contain everything needed for a mining operation.

Envion TokenThe Token

Token: EVN
ICO Token Price: 1 EVN = 1 US
Token Issue: JANUARY 15, 2018
ICO start: 15th December 2017
ICO end: 14th January 2018
Accepts: Ethereum
Country: Swiss


Mobility. The containers can reach far ends of the planet by the use of regular CSC containers. They are also all set for deployment wherever the energy sources are.

Cheap energy. The fall in prices of solar panels is tumbling the costs of photovoltaic plants globally. Envion’s mining units monetize the nearly free local over capacities making the cost of power to come down significantly.

Patented cooling. The cooling system on the Envion is 40 times more efficient than the traditional data centers. This result in unprecedented high power efficiency than ever experienced before.

High growth. Huge profits enjoyed over small investment sacrifices tell you of the big opportunity that exists in the industry. Besides, the platform has a reinvestment tactic that allows growth in the number of MMU fleets.

Remote maintenance. All units are connected to a cutting-edge mining unit supervision platform through the use of the latest satellite and 4G connection technology; with these technologies, it is possible to operate the units from a remote location that are near energy sources such as solar or hydropower plants.
Fully scalable. Our low cost and highly efficient hardware make it possible for scalability; technologies give room for future expansion to meet the client’s needs.

Low maintenance. Envion software maintenance is simplified to reduce the need for skilled labor in case of a minor maintenance issue.

Envion seeks to solve real-life power problems. The main problem we are facing right now is the concentration of mining power into the hands of few individuals hence making the majority remain at the mercy of the minority interests. But, with Envion, this may become the problem of the past because of its ability to tap power directly from the source hence eliminating unnecessary waste and control of the vital commodity.