Emerging Details of Samsung Galaxy S10 Cryptocurrency Wallet

Samsung is one of the leading smartphones in the world. With competition for more customers getting brutal, smartphone developers are adding new features to their devices to make them more robust and in line with the market trends. Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet is one such feature that gained massive traction across the globe.

Details of Samsung Galaxy S10 Cryptocurrency Wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet is designed to make it even convenient for the users to store and access their cryptocurrencies while on the go. The announcement was made during the launch of the smartphone last week.

Reports indicate that the S10 cryptocurrency wallet will make it possible for users of this smartphone to store bitcoin, Ethereum and another new digital coin that is closely related to Ethereum called Cosmo Coin.

Another major highlight of this wallet is that it is a cold storage wallet. This means that it is not connected to the internet and so hackers cannot be able to access it remotely. Only users or another person who is authorized and has access to the password and codes can access the digital assets stored in the wallet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet

It is also important to note that Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are designed to support Dapps (decentralized applications.) These are mobile applications that run on blockchain technology. At the time of writing, the primary decentralized application installed on S10 is Cosmee. This blockchain-powered application allows users to earn Cosmo tokens in exchange for the time they spend writing and submitting beauty reviews in the application.

Cosmee application was developed by Cosmochain, a blockchain startup that is based in South Korea. In a recent interview, the company described its mobile application as a beauty review application that uses blockchain to record all reviews submitted by the users efficiently.

Samsung management team has also revealed that the cryptocurrency wallet supports another digital currency that is yet to get popular called Enjin Coin. This digital currency is also Ethereum based and is specifically tailored for gamers.

The developers are also working on new features that will make it possible to support contactless payments using digital currencies.

The Rise of Blockchain Powered Phones

Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet is enough proof that the smartphone manufacturers are also keen on leveraging blockchain technology. The idea to make their devices cryptocurrency ready is informed by the need to keep up with the market trends.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 cryptocurrency wallet will definitely motivate more people to purchase the smartphone. The company will also benefit from increased market reach and brand awareness. Read more cryptocurrency news here.