Do the Coinbase Exchange Issues Affect Bitcoin Investors

The Coinbase exchange is an online platform where cryptocurrency investors can dabble in digital currency assets. Serving approximately 32 countries around the world with numerous currencies, they also provide Bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries. With such a vast array of worldwide clients, online instances can happen that affect some or all of its users. That’s precisely what happened once again with the Coinbase exchange platform only a few days ago, giving investors anxiety.

Coinbase’s Relationship with Bitcoin

2 main products make up the Coinbase exchange services, these include:
• A Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) for trading many crypto assets.
• A retail broker of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin for fiat currency.

Examining these products, Bitcoin has a huge presence in the worldwide Coinbase exchange. But with any big-name digital asset that multiple investors seek, comes some trials and hiccups along the way. No digital exchange platform will operate at 100% functionality, unfortunately, and there will be some setbacks. It is how the network handles these setbacks when they happen that will determine the loyalty of their client base.

Negative Press of Coinbase Exchange

Previous allegations of creating an extreme demand for digital transactions on the Bitcoin network gave way to criticism of Coinbase. Another negative factor was when Coinbase admitted that some users were previously overcharged in some purchases through the network. And even though the issue was not due to Coinbase, some investors remain cautious of future transactions.

Other disputes Bitcoin users have with the Coinbase exchange is when it has gone offline during critical times of trading. During several instances where Bitcoin’s market price is rising, the Coinbase platform has crashed, leaving users on the sidelines. But with any business, companies know that they cannot make everyone happy and there will always be some unsatisfied clients.

How Coinbase Will Continue to Help its Users

In the ever-changing digital finance world, companies like Coinbase will need to be aware of the latest trends and technology. By ensuring that the Coinbase exchange remains competitive, it will have to provide its users with the best trading products. From adding additional digital assets to servicing more users worldwide, Coinbase is still the biggest exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. With the ability to offer both an exchange and digital wallet, the Coinbase exchange continues to service cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

Adding additional products like a Crypto Visa Debit Card helps bridge the crypto-fiat gap for many investors in the market. By giving their users the ability to easily exchange digital assets to fiat currency, Coinbase is increasing its worldwide exposure. Many enthusiasts predict that cryptocurrencies will soon be a recognized form of payment around the world. The Coinbase exchange wants to be part of the rapidly growing digital finance market.

Although there are instances of the Coinbase exchange that users have complained openly about, Coinbase continues to be productive. Network issues and online troubles are relative to numerous online exchange platforms around the world. The reason the public may not hear of issues from additional platforms since they are not as large-scale as Coinbase. Remember to take all online criticism with a grain of salt and do your own investment research.

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