Demand For Institutional Crypto Increases Despite Regulation Challenges And Volatility & More

Demand For Institutional Crypto Increases Despite Regulation Challenges And Volatility

This has prompted some market investors and analysts to scrutinize the stability of the bull run that bitcoin has been experiencing in the past few months. They have also speculated on what will be the impact of the current market situation in the long-term. A report by Grayscale states that the institutions make up the highest percentage of bitcoin buyers. The volatility in the crypto market is believed to be immature and thus it will not have significant impacts on the digital currencies. This also means that investing in bitcoin and the likes is still a good idea. The recent comments by United States’ President Donald Trump could portend more regulations to be applied to the market in the future.

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France To Approve The First Cryptocurrency Companies This Month

The crypto market in France is bound to experience some changes this month. France will be approving the first lot of ICO operators as well as other crypto-based businesses in the country. This will be done under the new rules that the authorities set. The country will be a pioneer in implementing the issues that were agreed upon by the G7 countries according to the Financial Markets Authority’s director of legal affairs Anne Marechal. The country is ready to regulate the crypto market and it has set everything in place including, the legal, tax and regulatory framework.

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Siemens’ Blockchain For Carsharing

The blockchain technology is famous for its ability to transfer value in a safe way. Since bitcoin was invented about a decade ago, many companies and industries have been trying to see how they can benefit from the technology. Siemens ha recently joined the bandwagon and it is in the process of assessing the blockchain technology to use in its operations. It is looking to incorporate the technology into its supply chain, manufacturing and mobility sectors. To this end, it is planning to start offering carsharing services because there is a demand for it and particularly in the urban areas.

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