DELIVER Blockchain Records The First Container Shipment On Rotterdam Port

Samsung SDS, ABN AMRO, and the Port of Rotterdam have successfully completed a Proof of Concept for their Blockchain project codenamed DELIVER. In the experiment, a container was traced and tracked from the Port of Rotterdam to a barge Terminal in Tilburg where the cargo was moved to a local warehouse.

DELIVER is a Blockchain-based ecosystem that is being designed to manage international trade logistics from the point of loading a container on a ship, the voyage itself, and finally, at the port of landing. Hence, the successful completion of the Proof of Concept phase raises the probability of the revolutionary Blockchain platform being deployed for global adoption later on its roadmap.


The project’s PoC results shows that DELIVER offers effective solutions for end-to-end visibility on a cross supply chain. The scope of the platform is wide as it can track multi-modal cargo transport from ocean shipping, inland barge shipping, to road trucking.

Additionally, the secure and immutable ledger ecosystem allows users to access finance by linking them directly to ABN AMRO trade financing services.

Benefits Of Blockchain In Port Logistics Are Immense

The successful completion of the PoC phase of the DELIVER project illustrates that Blockchain technology can proffer fundamental benefits to port logistics including integrated container tracking and tracing, cargo documentation processing and financing, and interoperability of different systems involved in the supply chain. Additionally, results show that the DLT can support port logistics in a paperless, secure, and trusted way.

Further, the DELIVER concept fosters automation and allows various actors such as logistics service providers, authorities, shippers, and banks to share data in a real time basis.


The Mission Of The Project

The project by Samsung SDS, ABN AMRO, and the Port of Rotterdam has a mission of creating a platform for managing port activities at an efficient level to reduce container delays at the port by ensuring that cargo is cleared on time and without errors or omission.

Additionally, each of the three partners have their individual targets in the project: Firstly, ABN AMRO seeks to offer financial support for international trade players and to further expand their market base not only in Netherlands but also in the global scene.

Secondly, Samsung SDS is designing the infrastructure of the DELIVER platform and this initiative can cement the tech. firms position not just as a technical global leader by a leader in Blockchain technology systems.

Thirdly, the Port of Rotterdam, has a mission of becoming the most efficient port in the European Region and the project is deemed to overhaul operations at the port.

Conclusively, Blockchain technology is enabling all the partners to achieve their missions and also revolutionize cargo handling.

Meanwhile, the Deputy President of Samsung SDS EU/CIS-Robert van der Waal- is exuding confidence that DELIVER has immense potential for the shipping sector. He affirms that the successful implementation of the Proof of Concept phase gives the developers a good insight into the potential of large-scale implementation.

On the other hand, the CIO of ABN AMRO, Edwin van Bommel, admits that the bank is committed to automate trade flow processes for its clients on a transparency-focused Blockchain-powered platform.